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ES 700 - Can't open battery cover

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Toby , 7/4/2018 9:47 PM
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  • tobz1000
    New Member New Member
    Toby 7/4/2018 9:47 PM

    I managed to open the battery cover for the first time on my new unit. I opened it successfully once, removed and reseated the battery slightly, but I didn't connect the detached wire. Then I closed the cover.

    When trying to open the cover again, it opens about 2cm, then gets stuck on something. I'm worried that I managed to get the loose wire stuck between the battery and the cover; I feel a bit foolish.

    Has anyone come across this particular problem? :)

  • UnexpectedBill
    Apprentice Apprentice
    William 7/6/2018 7:24 AM (in response to Toby)

    If you can get the cover open far enough to see the battery, you might try pressing down on it and moving it around to see if that will let the cover open. If you can't get a finger in there, try something nonconductive like a popsicle stick.

  • tobz1000
    New Member New Member
    Toby 7/6/2018 6:17 PM (in response to William)

    The battery won't budge. Would it be advisable to unscrew the bottom cover? Just enough to get at the loose wire. Since the battery's disconnected, is there any risk? Would it void my warranty?

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