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possible building wiring fault?

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by robert , 4/24/2007 10:06 PM
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possible building wiring fault?

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  • Sgt._Slaughter


    The building wiring fault indicates one or more of the following on your wall outlet:
    Missing or loose ground, overloaded neutral, or reverse polarity.
    If you are just using the outlet to charge the battery, chances are good that there will not be an issue, but we do recommend having your wiring checked out to rectify the issue that is causing the building wiring fault.
    Do not use the UPS on that outlet causing the fault with a load attached. There could be potential damage.

    Thank you.

  • attila4000

    i may have been a bit premature to state that the given outlet had a wiring fault because i allowed the 350 to charge for 26 hours straight. then i unplugged it waited a minute then plugged the 350 into the same outlet and the red building wiring fault indicator turned off. i did the same thing 2 more times and got the same result.

    i tested the 350's battery with a 60w lamp and it worked fine.

    thanks SGT. Slaughter for your help.

  • attila4000

    i just purchased my back-ups ES 350 on the 19 and today i just connected the battery and plugged it in a wall outlet to charge the battery and the building wiring fault indicator immediatley turned on. i didnt want to unplug the 350 because the battery just started charging. i dont intent to use the 350 on that wall outlet permanently - which is located in another room, it is only being used temporarily for first time battery charging purposes. i didnt know there was a possible problem with that wall outlet. i have a rs 1000 in my computer room that is used just for the computer. the 350 will be used on another wall outlet in the computer room separate from the rs 1000's wall outlet. the 350 will be used for my dsl modem which will be located closer to the telephone outlet.

    should i have immediately unplugged the 350 from the wall outlet or have just kept it in to charge the battery?

    i wont be online until thursday to read your answers and respond to questions.

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