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bh500net APC Back-UPS HS 500 username and password problem

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Dave , 3/13/2010 5:26 PM
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Posted in: General

bh500net APC Back-UPS HS 500 username and password problem

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  • bradleybaldwin1

    Worked perfectly, sir!

    Lesson learned... trust the serial number listed on the web interface, not the sticker smile

    Thanks very much for your support!

  • mark76


    I have the same problem...
    SN is AB1025822468
    can you help?

  • kozak

    Please send backdoor password.

    Model: APC Back-UPS HS 500

    Serial number: AB0549142599

    Thank You Very Much , Petr

  • tsolomon


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  • JonPro

    Petr, please check your Inbox.

  • beng8686

    Same issue here

    S/N: AB0920833124

  • kulot

    Username and Password emailed to krislukas

  • JonPro

    A PM has been sent to nspasov@gftforex.com

  • ljb123

    hi sorry mine didnt work last time, can we try again, S/N is : AB1026803339
    thanks very much

  • Lukxz

    Dear Bala,

    I've found your post after I running in the same issue.... :(
    On today I've changed the password using the "." and "!" char and now there are no way to enter in web console.
    I've also tried to reset to factory using the software button and hardware button but without any succces.

    Can you send me the backdoor password or, if any, an alternative method to regain access to the web console ?

    Model: APC Back-UPS HS 500

    Serial Number: AB1123821815


  • trafsta

    I am also locked out of our APC Back-UPS HS 500. Serial # is AB1043831307. Would really appreciate a back-door username/password to get us back in.


  • ipicKedawinna

    Hi Steve and Luca,

    Our tech support is prepared to handle requests for the backdoor resets rather than us handling them publicly here. esupport@apc.com is a quick way. This thread is locked but actually allowed replies mistakenly. For anyone else with this issue, please contact your local support for a discrete way to receive a backdoor password for your BH500 product. Thanks!

  • benny.zero
    This discussion is marked as answered

    Hello I also have an APC Back-UPS HS 500 and I did the default password which doesn't work.

    The serial number is:


    Thank you in advance

  • MattK

    Hi Benny 


    I sent your log on details as a message





  • benny.zero

    user/password you send my don't play

    this is technical page:

    Model: APC Back-UPS HS 500
    Serial number: AB1130849445
    Firmware revision: l1
    Web firmware revision: l5
    UPS date of manufacture (mm-dd-yyyy): 07-24-2011
    Battery replacement date (mm-dd-yyyy): 07-24-2011



  • MattK



    Sent in Direct message using the latest serial number you've given.



  • Haywardi

    Same problem, I can not access the UPS as I do not have the password.  Please can someone send them to me please:

    Model: APC Back-IPS HS500

    Serial Number: AB0846823158

    Thanks in advance


  • Haywardi

    Have the same problem, locked out and unable to access the interface.

    Serial Number  AB0846823158

    Please help it's frustrating enough to be locked out from basic management functions, particularly when I wonder why someone viewed them necessary to protect.  

  • MattK

    Hi Iain


    I sent the username and password via a direct message





  • Haywardi

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Not sure how I get this direct message.  Nothing has arrived via my email and there is no option on my account for "Direct Messages".  Please advise.

  • Haywardi

    Hi Matt,


    Thank you, message appeared in my email. Much appreciated.

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