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Second unit with 'F02' error

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Bob , 2/21/2010 2:42 AM
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Posted in: General

Second unit with 'F02' error

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  • clarkson
    This discussion is marked as answered

    See my reply to your post in the other thread.

  • Mac_User

    This is the second Back-UPS XS 1300 that I have purchased in the last two months.

    The first started going up in smoke with error FO2 so I returned it.

    Now, just less than two months later, the new unit emits a loud beeeep and shows error FO2. I can't get it to stop showing the error or to be on without the loud beeeep.

    What is the problem?

    What is the error message mean? In the 'manual' it says 'battery output short'. What does that mean?

    Does APC make a backup that does not have this problem? I don't want to return this unit and have the same thing happen a third time.

  • Erasmus

    We don't have a known issue with these units producing that error falsely or "commonly". That means that the output circuit for the "On Battery" power path (battery to inverter to outlets, in short) has a short somewhere along the line, to put it simply. What kind of load are you using on the UPS? How often does it go to battery? What is the environment of the UPS around it? Do you have an exact model number and serial number?

  • Blieden

    I just had the same issue. I am running an 8 core Mac Pro 2,1 (3.0Ghz Xenon processor). Also hooked up to the APC XS-1300 is 1 USB device, a mac 24" cinema desktop display, and a pair of Bose speakers.

    The unit's alarm went off a few minutes ago and went F02. I inspected the unit and there was definitely an odor which said that something had burned. After shutting the 1300 off and powering it up again, it seems to be unable to run for more than 10 seconds without giving me the alarm and the F02 warning.

    I live in an old building in Manhattan and the power here is definitely bad, which is why I bought the 1300 in the first place. In the 2 months I've had the 1300, it's gone to battery only about 3 or 4 times that I'm aware of, though I do leave my computer on when I'm not home, so while it could be happening then, it's not happening long enough to shut the computer down, as I have it programmed to shut down in 1 minute if the power goes out, and I have yet to come home to find my computer off.

    Another curious thing about this particular failure is that my computer was asleep when it happened. As most Mac Pro owners know, these earlier Mac Pro towers draw a lot of power on startup, so if it had happened then it might make just a bit more sense.

    Looks like the unit is totally dead though, so I'll try to return it tomorrow.

    Unit Serial # 3B0925X05936

  • Erasmus

    That is unfortunate to hear. That unit is most certainly in warranty though, so if returning it to the store is not acceptable (who knows if you get a "repackaged" unit that was returned), you can get a new one from us since yours failed so quickly. You may also want to confirm with tech. support the load you have attached to the UPS and your "power environment" while you are working with them to get your RMA, to help avoid future faults. We have seen that some device loads can cause the unit to fault due to feedback, excessive load, etc. The unit will fail itself or "absorb or sacrifice itself" when things of this nature happen to avoid damaging any attached devices.

  • Vamp07

    Add me to the list of people that have had this exact same thing happen. Spike followed by F02 error and unit that smells burnt out.

  • jeffmacguy

    Ditto here... XS 1300...

    Had an XS 900... worked well for 3 yrs in same system... batteries began to fail, so replaced the unit with the 1300 about a month ago. had a pwr fail yesterday, immediately, the unit failed. Restarted and displayed the F02 error... I will replace it today, but I'm concerned there may be an engineering issue w/ this model.

    s/n 3B0923X35551

    -edited to include more details -jm

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  • kendall
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    Problems with the xs1300 here too, mine is an F06 error though.

    I'm currently on the second unit in a month showing the F06 error. 2 days after purchase on first one, which then died completely 8-10 days later. Second unit has been in use for 3 days, and just had the same shutdown with the F06 error.

    Till using the xs1300, I've always had great service from APC power systems, only replacing them when the batteries died or I outgrew them. I did lose one to a lightning strike a few years ago, I've always been happy with them, not so sure about the xs1300 though.


  • sblantipodi
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    I leaved the UPS powered off for some minutes, restarted it and now the F02 beeping error is disappeared.
    Now it seems that UPS works ok.

    What does it means? Please help. What should I do now?

    I'm sorry for double posting in the other thread.

  • sblantipodi
    This discussion is marked as answered

    My BR1500GI is only three days old and now it started beeping with F02 error.

    Is this an engeneering problem?

  • Mav52

    This morning I get up and the error  f02 .  I unplugged  everything  plugged the xs1300 back in.  The battery indicator shows no charge at all  and the unit just beeps.    Only 2 years old. 

  • Jonwhorfin
    On 3/23/2020 12:07 PM, Chris said:

    This morning I get up and the error  f02 .  I unplugged  everything  plugged the xs1300 back in.  The battery indicator shows no charge at all  and the unit just beeps.    Only 2 years old. 

    Chris, this exact thing happened to me this morning. XS1300, 2 years old. Always low load. Gone to battery 2 maybe 3 times. Indicator shows no battery charge. Unplug it, plug it back in, F02 error.

  • Mav52

    I guess the only thing to do is order a replacement battery or buy another manufacturers product.

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