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turning off beeping

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by david , 9/28/2008 8:01 PM
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turning off beeping

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  • davidsf

    I want to turn off the beeping when the UPS is on battery power. I heard I can do this with the USB cable and software, but I don't have those. Is there another way? I've thought about opening up the power supply and cutting the wires to the speaker. Is that a stupid idea? If it's not advised, how can I buy he cable and software? I don't see it available from the APC.com site.


  • ipicKedawinna


    to permanently disable the alarms, yes you need the data cable and software to do this. APC cannot advise on opening up your UPS to cut the alarm wires, especially if the UPS is under warranty. Doing so will void the warranty.

    What model UPS do you have? Most modern Back UPS products use the RJ-45 to USB cable which is the AP9827 along with the powerchute personal edition software, which is free. Smart UPS use different software and cables though.

    [Link to the APC data cables|http://www.apcc.com/products/family/index.cfm?id=59]

    [Link to where you can choose what software to download based on your operating system|http://www.apcc.com/tools/download/index.cfm?isocountrycode=US&tsk=]

    Before deciding to buyany cables or download any software, please verify the model of your UPS by checking the white sticker on the back or the bottom of it. I want to make sure that you choose thecorrect cable for your application.

  • Tkrissak

    I have a model BE 650 G1. I only want to top the beeping temporarily, in case of a power outage, when the battery is doing its thing and continuing to power my computer and I'm waitig for the power to come back up. Isn't that possible. This model does not seem to have a mute button, but is there one there? A temporary mute function is what I need, I think. Thanks.

  • wpasquil


    If you connect a PC running Windows to the UPS via USB and install PowerChute Personal Edition you can disable alarm under the heading of Notification. 

    After changing the settings you can uninstall PowerChute and disconnect from the UPS. The setting will remain until the the UPS is reset. 

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