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APC UPS long Continuous beep with a power light red

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by JAYASUREYA , 2/21/2017 5:18 AM
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APC UPS long Continuous beep with a power light red

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  • Hi Somebody can share some thoughts in this ,

    Recently i purchased an APC UPS (APC BX1100-IN) in India and after 15-20 days of normal usage my ups has started giving me problems.

    Its an intermittent issue where the ups,which is in use, suddenly gives a long continuous beep with the power led turned to red.The beep doesn't stop until i turn the ups.First i thought it might be some overload and removed every appliance from the ups and tried operating it .But unfortunately that didn't solve anything.Tried debugging it more and found out that the issue also happens when i  turn off and on the socket switch fast enough.Yesterday a local APC field technician came and he observed the issue too . But he told me that its a site isssue and noted the following observations and told me that its a Site issue.

    The observations were :

    Load - Neutral Voltage : 250V , he said the normal was around 230

    Neutral - Ground voltage :14 V , he said the real cause is this , and the APC ups will only work if this voltage is between 0-3 V.

    Is this the real issue?

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    Hi Jayasureya,

    Can you confirm the part number of your UPS? Is it possible you are using th BX1100C-IN?

    If so, the Constant Tone with Solid Red Led can represent one of the following things;

    • Over temperature On Battery - UPS has exceeded the over temperature threshold. Note: The UPS will beep and the red LED will illuminate till the internal temperature reaches the normal range for 5 minutes before the UPS shuts down. 
    • Internal error - The UPS has detected an internal error and is no longer providing power to the connected equipment.

    It is very possible that an on-site electrical issue has caused damage to the unit. 14v Between Neutral and Ground is quite high and should be investigated further.

    In either case, I would recommend contacting you local support for continued assistance.

    Secret Squirrel

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    @Secret Squirre :Thanks for the reply .Yes You are right on the part number .I am using Bx 1100C-IN .

    I dont think its related to the battery,since the ups works fine on the battery power .I replicated the issue multiple times by cutting off the power to the ups abruptly and then back on mains.When the power to ups is restored ,the ups goes into fault mode .But the confusing thing is that if i do this 10 times , the issue comes up like 5 times out of the 10 times .The Neutral to earth Voltage measured during this process was around 10V .

  • I agree, I don't believe the issue is battery related.

    It is most likely an internal failure of the UPS which may have been caused by the excessive voltage between Neutral and Ground. I would recommend contacting your local support for confirmation that the unit is operating abnormally and to obtain a replacement if you are eligible. I will advise however, unless the Overloaded Neutral is corrected you will likely continue to see failures.

    Secret Squirrel

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    Then how do u resolve the problem?? Did u change anything on the ups or main line?? plz ensure me whether the problem is this type??i attached a photo..plz reply brother..i am a Bengali my english is not so good... forgive me..

  • I am having the same issue here in Sierra Leone, West Africa.. Only that mine is flashing the usual green light

    There seems to many complaints about this, so how well made are you UPS? Items sold to Low Middle Income Countries such as Sierra Leone, have a non return policy, pretty much no consumer rights. Telling us to basically going back to where we bought them isn't the solution , you simply must make your products better. We bought ours this week and first time we use it , within few minutes the constant beeping noise started

  • Hello,

    Please contact local Schneider Electric Support for assistance. 

    Here is a link to their e-mail and phone support contact information.



  • Do you have a whatsapp number that I can please a call to. 

    I already mentioned that we live in LMICs. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to place international calls?

    Maybe you should have a chat for people who bought your faulty products



  • Hello.

    I apologize. You wrote "I am having the same issue here in Sierra Leone, West Africa.. " so I provided a link to Sierra Leone support. If the link in not correct you can change the region in the upper left. If calling is not an option and chat is not available  in you region there is an e-mail option for support. 

  • The link is Nigeria and not Sierra Leone, +232 is the dialling code for Sierra Leone while Nigeria is +234.


  • Hi 


    You have gone quite.  The unit is still flashing green and continuous beep. when i attach a device it simply shuts down 

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