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BACK UPS pro 1500 error ode f02 after shutdown for the night, help !

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Boris , 10/27/2016 9:54 AM
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  • borisrannou
    New Member New Member
    Boris 10/27/2016 9:54 AM

    Hi all,

    Yesterday night I put my 8 months old BR1500 off for the night and this morning when I woke up I tried to get it on. Bam error f02. I tried all solutions with step by step approach but nothing worked. I was a bit desespera because I bought my piece in Switzerland and now I live abroad in West Africa (Benin). I have between 3 and 10 electrical cut a day and in my city, Cotonou, there is only one reseller for APC and he said by phone he couldn't repair it or replace it.

    Finally I tried to find a solution by myself and went to this youtube video: https://youtu.be/72_RtK6PUu4

    I gave it a try if nothing is working, what he does is simple:

    0. remove all plugged elements except power cord

    1. just power off your APC

    2. just remove the power cord from sector, keep battery

    3. press constantly power button until you hear the second beep signal

    4. Let the apc restart, it will mark f02 error again

    5. plug the power cord

    6. restart the APC

    The solution is half working, the APC works until the next electrical cut and i have to redo all the procedure everytime. Does somebody has a fully working solution to this strange problem ?

  • Nicole
    =S= Representative
    Nicole 10/31/2016 11:40 PM (in response to Boris)

    Hi Boris, 

    An F02 error code displayed by the BR1500 indicates solid state component damage, i.e. a blown fuse, relay weld, etc. Please try the following steps:

    1. Remove all load from the UPS. 

    2. Power cycle the UPS. Unplug the UPS from the wall, unplug the battery. 

    3. Plug the battery and UPS back in and turn it back on. 

    If the fault returns, then the UPS will need to be replaced. 

    You mentioned the UPS is 8 months old, so it should still be under factory warranty. If you call into your local APC tech support, they should be able to send you a replacement UPS. 



  • ScottJD
    New Member New Member
    Scott 7/1/2018 1:09 PM (in response to Nicole)

    Or how about check the battery, you may find what I found. 

    I was under the impression sealed batteries are not supposed to do this unless a major malfunction happened in the charging  circuitry that didn’t properly monitor the battery voltage. 

    I had a powersomething or other smoke on me, so I won’t buy those anymore. The tan units lasted a long time with replacing batteries, but st least it told me when the battery failed. This was ran it’s daily checks and passed every day. Then I lost power and it was only under 15% load max. I noticed everything reset and the unit didn’t turn on. 

    So I did a hard reboot and I\itcame back ok, ran the check and showed a full battery. Next time I lost power for a shot flicker it followed with a load constant alarm and the F02 error. Wow, it didn’t even detect the battery issue. I find it hard to believe this battery is sitting at 24V in this condition but still passed daily checks that it ran.

    TO have a unit final fail after 15 years from leaking surface mount capacitors that supported the microprocessor (assuming it handled the charging) was acceptable. This was one of my older tan units.

    But to have the newer black 1500VA  fail in this fashion and not even detect the battery fault is unacceptable and brings into question all the other 7 APC UPS BackUp’s I have in the house from 1080VA, 1280VA, and 1500VA units. The older ones didn’t even have and LCD to check the load it was under and I used the computer and never take the unit over 60% load max. And even then 60% is rare for me. The raid NAS’s turn off in 5 minutes of the power doesn’t restore so it never runs more the 5 minutes either.

    I think it might be time to invest in solar, build my own battery storage from 18650 to Li-Fe cells and stop  wasting my money on these units. I’m sure if I replace this battery the same thing will happen. It won’t see a problem, and next time the batter could rupture with even worse  consequences when these are supposed to protect my electronics not burn down my house. 


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