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BX700UI - How to disable "No Load Shutdown" feature

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Michael Ian , 6/11/2016 3:09 PM
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Posted in: General

BX700UI - How to disable "No Load Shutdown" feature

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  • derric

    We acquired 3 Back-UPS BX700UI but the unit shuts off after several minutes without load. I read that this model has a feature that automatically shuts off after 15 minutes if the UPS did not detect any load greater than 15W.

    I read that the "no load shutdown" feature can be disabled on some models through Powerchute or through a dedicated button (this is not available on BX700UI). I installed Powerchute Personal Edition 3.0.2 but cannot find an option to disable this feature for BX700UI.

    How can I disable this feature as we need it to continuously powered even with or without load?

  • watc2h
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    by user manual,You can setting through ON/OFF button.

    I'm try a lot.it hard to set,but finally it work.


  • derric

    I tried this before and wasn't able to get it to work too then I thought it could also be disabled through Powerchute software.

    Again I tried after you said it took you a lot of tries too. After several attempts, I was able to figure out how to cycle through the different modes. Now it is in the mode that I want.

    Thanks for your help.

  • petej3000

    Hi. What was the actual process please to switch off the "no load" shut down. 

  • derric
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    The steps are on this manual: http://www.apc.com/salestools/AHUG-9KQ8BN/AHUG-9KQ8BN_R1_EN.pdf

    First, make sure you are on Program Mode. The steps are on the manual on how to enter the Program Mode. Once you are on Program Mode you can cycle between different modes by pressing the power button.

    There are total 6 modes for this model as shown on the table on the manual, 3 of those modes has the No-Load Shutdown feature disabled. read the description for each mode and select your preferred settings.

    The mode you selected can be identified by flashing LED and audible signal.

    As you can see, the factory default is the 4th mode where the No Load Shutdown is Enabled, it is indicated by twice per second LED flash and at the same time 4 beeps per second audible signal.

    While in Program Mode, press the Power button multiple times and observe the LED flash and the beep and stop when you reach your preferred setting. In my case, I selected the third option without the No Load Shutdown feature. It is indicated by twice per second LED flash and no beep. It will automatically exit the Program mode after few seconds. Test your UPS to confirm it is disabled.

  • petej3000
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    Thanks for your answer. I have successfully deactivated the no load shutdown.

  • Ernst-Jan
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    Hi Michael,

    An additional question regarding this older discussion. Any advice what to do when no beeps are heard, while the led is responding correctly? I do hear beeps if the UPS is activated. How can I activate these beeps during program mode.

  • jimbo
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    I'm not able to configure it. Is there any possibility that you make a video showing how to do this, same as it is done with other products?

  • moch
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    How do you actually disable no load shutdown.

    I've tried and failed terribly.

    my load is at 15w



  • jimbo

    Hi moch ,

    I suffered the same frustration as you.. eventually, I decided to read the instructions word-by-word and I realized wasn't following them accurately, specially step 1, and 2.

    If the Back-UPS switches to battery power too frequently or too infrequently, adjust the transfer voltage and sensitivity settings:
    1 . Ensure the Back-UPS is off. Plug it into AC power.
    2 . Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the LED repeatedly flashes. The unit is now in Program Mode.
    3 . Release the button. The LED will indicate the current setting by flashing once, twice, or three times per second, and emitting audible beeps.
    4 . If the button is not pressed within five seconds, the Back-UPS will exit the Program Mode.

    I hope that helps.



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