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BackUPS RS 1500 switches to battery power frequently

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by D , 5/26/2015 5:58 PM
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Posted in: General

BackUPS RS 1500 switches to battery power frequently

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  • dpc1

    I have a Back UPS RS 1500. I'm finding that at some times of the day (or night) it switches to battery power several times an hour. Usually it only happens for a few seconds - just long enough for the alarm to beep once and then back to main power. I have:

    1) replaced the batteries in the unit, since the batteries were quite old.

    2) I have had an electrician check the wiring in my house, and he claims that it's fine. (Though since I'm renting, it was not an electrician of my choosing, but the lowest cost one the property management company could find - so who knows how good he is?) He recommended that I call the electric company and have them test the connection to the house. 

    3) Had the electric company check the connection to the house. They said they found a problem and fixed it, but the beeping continues.

    Sometimes it will go for hours without a peep, then will make short beeps every 5 minutes for a half-hour or so. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it. Is there something wrong with the UPS? Or is it likely something with the electricity in my house? I've had the same devices connected to it for several years, so I don't think the load on it has changed recently. (This all started a few months ago.) Is there anything else I can check?

  • JonPro

    Hello D -

    Thank you for using the APC Forum.  It seems that the UPS is detecting a power issue on your end, I understand that you have done steps to fix this problem but it is still present as of this time. I would suggest that you change the sensitivity of the unit to a much more lower setting. Depending on the UPS, this can be achieved manually thru the UPS or by the PowerChute Personal Edition Software. Can you provide the model number of your UPS to assist you further?

  • dpc1

    Where would I find the model number? It says Back UPS RS 1500 on the front. Is there something more you need than that? I noticed there's a sticker with a barcode on the bottom of the unit that says "BR1500" on it. Is there anything else I should be looking for?

    I'm on MacOS X 10.9 (Mavericks). Can I download the PowerChute software for that OS? If not, please advise on how to lower the sensitivity.

  • JonPro

    The BR1500 that you saw on the white barcode sticker is the exact model number of your UPS. I have attached the user manual of the unit that you have for you to be able to change the sensitivity of your unit.  When it comes to the PowerChute software, I'm so sorry to let you know that it won't work on the Mac OS that you have.

  • dpc1

    Thanks, I've given that a try. It appears that it was set to the most sensitive setting. I've turned it down to medium and will see how it does. If it continues to beep, I'll try setting it to the lowest setting and see what happens.

  • JonPro

    Thanks D, keep us posted.

  • apc88

    5 years too late to help solve your problem - sorry - but I just had the same problem with identical (identical!) symptoms with the same model UPS.

    -worked fine for years
    -no changes to environment/equipment
    -no fix with new battery
    -random bouts of multiple small on/off battery power spasms

    I had a second unit - same exact model - swapped it out with the suspected problem unit. Works without issue.

    After further testing/inspecting the problem unit, the issue gradually increased to the point where, it seems, there is no longer any mains input power recognised.

    So, I'm 99% sure is a latent problem with this model and nothing to do with your house/mains/etc.

    Just posting this in case anyone else has the same problem and hopefully save them some wasted trouble-shooting time.

  • RedDawg

    I'll jump on this band wagon as well. Same device (RS-1500), same model (BR1500), same symptoms (unit switches on, boots up with "On Line" light flashing, "On Battery" light steady. After about 5 seconds, "On Line" light goes out and it begins beeping 4 times every 30 seconds or so, as if the AC power has been removed. A light test load (small fan) is powered, with output voltage from the unit measuring 114 VAC. (Line voltage measures 119 VAC.) If AC power plug is removed from the wall outlet, the output voltage of the unit drops to 112 VAC, but the fan RPM slows dramatically, subjectively as much as 25%. Open circuit voltage of the batteries is 26 VDC. All "sensitivity" settings have been tried with no difference in the above operating symptoms. Neither the "Overload" or "Replace Battery" lights illuminate except for the POST and during the sensitivity changing process.  This came as a donation to our 501(c)3 "Makerspace", so the previous history of the unit is unknown, including how old it is. I'm assuming it is out of warranty, but can that be determined by the serial number? It worked fine for about three months after we got it. Investing in a new battery pack doesn't seem particularly attractive if this model has an inherent fatal flaw that others have said new batteries didn't fix. Ominously, I note the unit has been "discontinued".

  • antonk
    This discussion is marked as answered

    Just came across this discussion and I 've made the same observations. I moved my UPS (same model)  from the office to my home office to verify that the problem is NOT caused by local electrical installations. That means that the switching between "On Line" and "on Battery" continued when I set up the UPS at home. I wonder whether there is anybody out there (from apc?) who found a solution. My latest guess is that the problem is related to the environment temperature - which would be a new phenomenon as  it worked fine for several winter seasons with lower temperatures than today.

    I'd really appreciate some advice from APC or someone  - and if it's just a friendly reminder that the system is just too old and I should just give uo and buy a new one.



    p.s.: I don't think this discussion is answered yet

  • antonk


    It's not temperature related,as I've found out last night.

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