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under voltage protection

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Niklas , 1/27/2015 10:40 AM
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under voltage protection

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  • Hi

    Does  the APC  ups' also give under voltage   protection?  Does it only give  under voltage protection if the  computer is plugged in on the  battery backup sockets?

  • Hello,

    Different models have different features. You're referring to automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and some models support both Boost (increases voltage) and Trim (decreases voltage) features, some just one or the other. And yes, it would only apply to the battery back up +  surge outlets on models that support this.

    Could you give me a model number you're looking at?  At a high level,  Back UPS Pro  (models that begin with BR in the part number) should provide both boost and trim. Other models that begin with BX typically only have one of those (boost I  think). Though, I would validate this if you can provide a model number. Models that begin with BE won't over this AVR feature at all.

    Anything  "above" a  Back-UPS such as Smart-UPS all come with Boost/Trim or have a different UPS topology where it  works a little differently to  handle over/undervoltage situations.

  • So I have a scientific instrument hooked onto the ups' (BR1500GI) surge protection and not the battery backup. this instrument is operating in 20Hz speed. It has been crashing lately and I'm thinking it could be due to minor drops in the voltage, when for example heaters on the same power line kicks in.

    So the question is if the UPS (BR1500GI) could potentially provide too low voltage for an instrument operating at 20Hz to notice the drops - or spikes for that matter.

    Would it make any difference if i put the instrument on one of the battery backup sockets of the ups?

  • Hi,

    The BR1500GI does offer AVR (automatic voltage regulation) on the Battery - Surge outlets so you should plug the instrument into one of the Battery- Surge outlets to protect it properly.

    Here is a link to the product data sheet http://www.apcmedia.com/salestools/DFAH-8GLRM8/DFAH-8GLRM8_R0_EN.pdf

  • So it's only the Battery - Surge outlets that have AVR?

    How instant does those outlets adjust for a voltage "low spike" or drop?

    Just learnt there are continuous and standby ups'. Is the BR1500GI a continuous ups or a standby ups?

    Is there any difference on the continuousness of the Battery - Surge outlets when the ups has power from the mains vs running on it's internal battery?

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    The BR1500GI is line interactive topology. The different topologies are explained in Knowledge Base Document FA157448

    As for transfer times, it depends on the sensitivity settings. At high sensitivity the transfer times will be in the range of 6 - 8 milliseconds. At low sensitivity the range is 14 - 16 milliseconds.

  • Angela,

    The BR1500GI looks to be in the neighborhood of 450 dollars. Does APC make anything with AVR in the 100 dollar range?

    We have some equipment that we are trying to protect from sags and spikes but I don't think they are going to want to spend

    much money.

  • The smallest UPS that has both AVR boost and trim is the BR1000G - which retails for around $180. There are some members of the BackUPS family that only have AVR boost, such as the BX850M, but if that model needs to compensate for high input voltage it will transfer to battery.

    APC also offers units that are only AVR transformers with no battery - the Line-R series. There is the LE600 and LE1200, only major difference between those units is capacity (600VA vs. 1200VA). Hope this helps!

  • It helps a lot Matt. Thanks

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