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BE325R battery/surge protector

Discussion in Back-UPS & Surge Protectors started by Glenn , 12/17/2014 11:18 PM
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Posted in: General

BE325R battery/surge protector

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  •  i have a be325r apc battery/surge protector. Just purchased a replacement battery since the battery was dead. I checked the voltage 12.5+ V on the new battery, but the "battery & Surge Protection" ports still have no voltage across them. Only the Surge Proection ports. Any ideas on what the problem could be?


  • When you say "because the battery was dead" - how did you identify that as the problem? Or was this behavior existent prior and you thought it was because the battery was dead?

    Assuming the UPS is powered on, plugged in, and not operating on battery power, there should be power to those outlets I believe. If there is not, then I am curious to confirm if you noticed this before replacing the battery or only afterwards?

  • I checked the voltage on the battery. I don't recall if the outlets stopped working before the battery went dead. It was unused for over a year when I replaced the battery in it this week. I was planning on taking it apart to see if there was a fuse in it which was blown ,but I figured  I would ask the forum first. Maybe the transformer went bad?  Should I check certain components inside other than the fuse (if any) and the transformer?

  • Hmm I am not sure personally. We don't service/repair this type of unit or provide any schematics for them. If anyone else wants to chime in and help at their own risk, then please feel free.

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    I likewise have that problem. I have four APC BE325R UPS/Surge Protector units that the batteries recently gave out, and I just bought three new Duracell 12v replacements.

    Only the surge protector outlets work, and no green light or beeps showing the unit is operating. I don't know if there is some kind of reset procedure to go through, but it's odd that all four units don't work with the exact new replacement batteries that show 12+ volts with a voltmeter. 

  • I am experiencing the same issue. Do we have a resolution? I would be interested in either scenario (battery not working before and battery not working after).


  • Bump


    Is anyone from APC monitoring this forum?

  • thanks for starting this thread: I am facing probably a similar issue. Unit bought in beginning of 2020.

    Stopped working a few weeks ago with long ongoing beep. After unplugging, checking battery connection, checking interruptor-switch (was not active): "silent & nothing".

    (The non-battery-backed power outlets work though.) 

    So, faulty unit & warranty or what did you all do with your units? 



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