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Raised Floor cooling - brush strip for tile cuts

Discussion in Server Room & Data Center Design Best Practices started by Chuck , 4/19/2007 5:25 PM
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Raised Floor cooling - brush strip for tile cuts

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  • bjaggard

    Hi, I am the Business Development Manager for the company, Sealeze, that manufactures the brush that Chuck was referring to. I'm looking for an opportunity to talk to anyone and if possible, visit a data center, for research. The flexible brush that can be cut with a knife is still in design stages. Which means we'd like input on best methods to install and any other parameters that we should incorporate in the final product. I am located in Richmond, VA - phone 800-787-7325 x202, if you would be willing to talk to me about this application.

  • cmarler

    If you weren't aware of it from reading all the air distribution white papers on cooling, you SHOULD know that all that air coming up into the bottom of computer racks through those big cable cut out holes in the raised floor is robbing pressure from the perforated tiles in the front of the racks and that air come up into the bottom of the rack is counterproductive. Add that to the problem of keeping floor tile cut trim installed on a floor tile, and underfloor cable jackets getting cut by the sharp edges of the tile cuts and you have a single solution for multiple problems.
    Here's an illustration of cable brush strip used for this purpose. This brush strip includes a EDPM layer sandwiched between two rows of Nylon fiber. The layer serves two purposes 1) additional air seal and 2) helps to center the cables, taking some pressure off the fibers.

    8 foot lengths of brush and holder with the extra seal is G680CLA50FS.020 for
    $ 95.73 from 804-743-0982 Danielle Fernandez X212

    You can install this with a hacksaw, a pair of pliers to crimp the brush strip after you cut it, and a screw gun to screw it to the floor tile. The brush section is 4.5" from the edge of the tile cut to the end of the brush. I've been working with this manufacturer for a molded FLEXIBLE option of this also, which is due out in June 07. So you can install it with a carpet knife and a screw gun.

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