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InRow RC Cooler spacing

Discussion in Server Room & Data Center Design Best Practices started by Paul , 11/13/2007 7:46 PM
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InRow RC Cooler spacing

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  • Here is App Note #92 for all those interested.

  • Hi there,
    You have a couple of places to look for help:

    1, Check out APC Application Note #92 - "Best Practices for Designing...with InRow RC".

    2. Use the Online ISX Designer - if you input your rack quantity, power per rack, etc it will tell you how many RC units are needed, after which you can place the RC's in amongst the server racks on the floorplan...if any racks are not adequately cooled the software should tell you automatically.


  • We are in the process of designing a new Data Center which will contain a max of 50 to 60 racks.
    We are starting with 16 racks; Two rows of 8, hot Isle in between.
    Each rack will draw no more than 2kw of power for a max load of 32kw (2kw x 8 racks x 2 rows).

    Based on the nominal cooling capability of the RC units (17kw w/o HACS), I should be able to insert a single RC unit in the
    middle of each row (4 racks either side of the RC) and cover the maximum expected heat load.

    However, it seems like the racks at the far end of rach row could potentially be starved for cool air flow.
    Am I wrong? Am I missing something or will that scenario work ok?

    What are the rules for spacing RC in-row units?

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