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Hot / Cold Aisle Design

Discussion in Server Room & Data Center Design Best Practices started by Robert , 11/8/2007 5:52 PM
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Hot / Cold Aisle Design

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  • You brought up two issues. Power and Cooling.
    For cooling:
    The aisle widths are all about cooling. You didn't say whether you were on a raised floor in your post, but a 6 foot cold aisle width is probably reasonable if you are using standard perforated floor tiles and have loads of 5KW per rack.
    The main factor to consider (besides the obvious of leaving enough room to remove and install equipment) is one of airflow requirements.
    Air Flow Requirement formula - cfm required per rack
    Temperature rise is the delta temperature between the air intake to the computing equipment and the exhaust temperature.
    The typical perforated floor tile is capable of 300 cfm air supply on a pressurized raised floor with perimeter downflow cooling units. So you can make that argument to management who view all that acreage as money wasted (They pay for space by the square foot). You need the airflow.
    I typically design data centers with a 3 foot hot aisle and a 4 foot cold aisle on a hard deck and use In-Row cooling.

    For Power:
    That 40 is purring along, and will nudge 99% and still be quite happy. Sounds like you are doing well with dynamic phase balancing well, and getting all the good stuff from the advanced management features of the 40.
    If you think you've gotten all the life out of them, or just want to upgrade, buy (1) 80 KW Symettra PX, along with an ISX PDU with maintenance bypass, and replace the 16K Symettras and SmartUPS. You will be thrilled.

  • with regards to real estate usage, a 36" wide hot aisle and 48" cold aisle would be optimal

  • Thanks for the great advice!

  • Our company's current data center is busting out at the seams. After losing >30K dollars worth of equipment due to power and cooling issues, we have finally been given the go ahead for a redesign.

    As part of the new layout I have included a 6 foot space between the rear of each rack to make up the hot aisle. Is this enough space between them? On the cold aisles I have also made a 6 foot space between each row. Management is giving me an earful saying that it is too much space. They argue that we only need 3-4 feet max between rows, in order to remove equipment from the racks. In theory, they are correct but it would be a very confined space. Any other points that I might argue in order to increase space between rows, or am I incorrect in my layout?

    Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We currently have 19 racks of servers / switching equipment. We have a 40K Symmetra PX that is being pushed to the extreme (90%+ load on each L). We also have 2 16K Symmetra's (old school white towers) and we have 4 of the 5000RM in rack units. We are looking to buy 2 of the 80K Symmetra PX units. I have yet to find a way to convince the folks who hold the purse strings, to buy into a Silicon system, but who knows. =)

    UPDATE: I have added a PNG image of the design concept.

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