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Moving to a new location / datacenter

Discussion in Server Room & Data Center Design Best Practices started by Brad , 11/19/2007 7:17 PM
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Moving to a new location / datacenter

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  • Sounds like you are under the microscope. I've designed and deployed a ton of data centers and moved many. When moving, think about the service level agreement you have to deliver to. tip: Migrating equipment is always easier than wholesale cuts, if you have the luxury.
    Make sure your electrician has load tested the generator, UPS and switchgear infrastructure before you move. If you have the ability to load test the cooling solution, do that also. I use live resistive heat loads between 5-12KW per rack for those tests.
    It sounds like you have the right amount of focus on the project. I don't know how many racks and pieces of equipment you are moving, but it sounds like an exciting project! Best tip I can offer: I've found good cable and power maps and well motivated technicians are the key to success.

    please edit to take some of the smoke off your post, no need for flames here. I'll help with voice lessons for next time and we'll win their hearts :)

  • We are moving to a new building with a new datacenter we have designed from the ground up. I am sorry to say that my voice was not heard clearly when I said we should go with the APC solution. We instead went with a Liebert solution. There is nothing wrong with Liebert equipment but what we got did not suit our needs and we are getting robbed by the crook who is selling it to us.......but I digress.

    What I was looking for was comments or suggestions from those who have moved a datacenter before. We have planned everything down to the minute and review those plans weekly. We have accounted for adverse weather, natural disaster, catastrophic events both external and internal, budget, personnel, etc. Still it is always useful to hear from those who have done it in the past to get opinions and an insight in to what worked and what didn’t.

    Thanks in advance.

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