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Inrow & Deep Depth Netshelters (AR3300 & AR3350)

Discussion in Server Room & Data Center Design Best Practices started by Pavitra , 3/20/2010 10:13 AM
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Inrow & Deep Depth Netshelters (AR3300 & AR3350)

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  • pavit


    We are currently upgrading an exiting medium Datacenter into an InfraStruXure set up. Our main concern is that we have quite some deep length servers and as a consequence we will be using only deep netshelters within our design for sake of homogenity (Netshelters AR3300 and Netshelters3350). The main prblem is Inrow comes in 1070mm deep and the planned netshelters comes in 1200mm deep. We saw APC having an SKU: "QWPRJ-EXT42U300A" - "42 U x 1200 depth extension for 300 mm Inrow Cooling" (there is also such SKU for 600mm ones), but we can't find any info or technical drawings for such unit. Now even if we Lego everyting up where the front of the row are evened out and at the back the inrows will be leaving a 130mm space, how does power cable through work ? since on the top they won't be aligned. We are also planning on using HACS (Hot Aisle Cont. S) even there how to place such items if the inrows are going to be uneven? Inrow models for our region will be the couple o ACRC103 and some ACRP502. I have attached a layout plan made from Visio to help understand better the current situation. Thanks for any help in advance! :-)


    edit: Woops posted into wrong forum sction, can a mod. please move to "Power, Racks, Cooling, Cabling & Software » Server Room & Data Center Hardware Components" one, thanks! :-)

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  • mfitzsimmons


    The Power and Data Trough locations are the same for the standard and the extended depth SX racks. The extended depth rack just has the cable management section extended. You'll have no problems aligning the Power and Data Troughs.

    However, I'm not sure how to take care of that gap when using Hot Aisle Contanment. It might be as simple as adding a plate to cover the gap. Or maybe using the HACS frame for a SYPX UPS & PDU instead (as the UPS and PDU are shorter depth than the ACRC).
    I don't see a HACS part to do just that job, but that doesn't mean something won't come along.

  • pavit

    Bump! :)

    Still need help on that one!

  • clarkson
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    They are basically modified front rack air containment assemblies. It is designed to align the fronts of the In row cooling units with 1200mm deep , 42U height racks (AR3300,AR3350). The glass and unnecessary hardware is removed from the original kit as well. The correct part numbers you would be referring to are QAG77632 - 300mm which is a modified ACCS1003 & QAGR23112 - 600mm which is a modified ACCS1004. As for the power whips from the RC, but the whips from the PX will have to be ordered to fit the longest distance frm the RC.

  • pavit

    Thanks tons, what I was looking for, though how do we go in general with ordering these from APC when building a solution ? Ask the ISX engineer who needs to validate the design to add them?

  • clarkson

    Yes, I would speak to whoever you are currently in contact with at APC about it.

  • pavit

    Oh yes one last qs, how do we go in using these if a client's needs is to have "Rack Air Containment System" along these SKUs when using InRows and 1200mm NetShelters ? As we may have one such request here soon, thanks.

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