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APC BGE50ML Mobile Power Pack Revision Request

Discussion in Mobile Power Packs started by Alexander , 3/19/2016 2:23 AM
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APC BGE50ML Mobile Power Pack Revision Request

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  • ATom89

    I really like the look of the APC BGE50ML Connect, Network UPS & Mobile Power Pack and would love to see this product evolve into something that could seamlessly integrate into the off grid home powering market sector. It'd be ideal if the power pack stands could provide a small cabin with essential power for a reasonable duration of time and provide a conduit for solar panels and power packs to store and regulate solar gain during the operable hours. I'd speculate that the units could be scaled 3x as big as they are now and run in series to collect overflow power from cells when the dwellings aren't occupied, and power packs could be brought on site to provide power by those traveling to the site.

    Anyways really like the look of your product and felt like sharing. Take care.   

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