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Discussion in Mobile Power Packs started by Ahmet , 1/12/2016 3:18 PM
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  • Hi All,

    when connecting mp3 player to APC power bank , the APC Power Bank gets turned OFF and was not getting charged. Cable is good, Mp3 player can charge with laptop or PC usb outputs, just with power bank can not. Why can not charge this unit?

    Ps Vita, Nintendo 3DS, portable games lover
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    Sounds like you unit is not drawing enough for the charger to recognize. If the MP3 player is drawing <50 ~ 100mA the unit will auto shut down and enter sleep mode after 20 to 30 seconds. 

  • So , when i plug in for charge mp3 player to power bank, both units are shutting down, power banks leds are flashing. I saw in apc banner , you can charge smart phones, tablet, mp3 player. Why my creative zen 30gb can not charged by power bank ? 

    Ps Vita, Nintendo 3DS, portable games lover
  • Hi,

    Your issue may be related to Kbase FA237957 "When using the Mobile Power Pack, how can I charge both my Phone and my 2.4A device simultaneously? " 

  • Hi,

    Problem can not solved , till  Powerbank can not feed on my mp3 player. Please help me.

    Ps Vita, Nintendo 3DS, portable games lover
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