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Posted in: General

UTS6H Blank after Initial power up

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  • hooyapejka

    Installed the UTS6H and the panel is completely blank after turning on utility power.  All circuits are powered including 5 & 6 and checked for opposite phase (one on black wire one on red wire).  I have not put generator power to it yet - Utility power light on front panel and set up routine should start the way I read it.

    The book says the UTS6H automatic operation may not work without a UPS. - can this be the problem.  Blown internal fuse?



  • ipicKedawinna

    Hello Jon,

    The first thing would be to confirm you're feeding this 120V only. Secondly, we'd look at the wiring. Circuit IN goes to the breaker and circuit OUT goes to the load. I assume a certified electrician connected this so we'd suggest he or she would verify that wiring.

    The LCD is blank - how about the circuit LEDs?

    The UTS6H automatic operation I believe only relates to the auto-start of a Honda generation I think..

  • hooyapejka

    Yes 120v only and yes all the "IN" wires go to the circuit breakers.  There's nothing lit on the panel - Utility or Circuit lights nor the LCD.  If Circuits 5 & 6 are NOT opposite polarity would that cause this problem?



  • ipicKedawinna

    It sounds like there may be a problem with the panel. And no, since this is 120V, you don't need to worry about phase angles (which is what I think you mean by reversed polarity) but if it was a 240V panel, then we'd check into that.

    Since this sounds like a potential hardware problem, you may need to contact technical support for a potential warranty replacement.

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