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Changing Fuses in a UTS10BI

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Paul , 3/16/2013 8:07 PM
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Changing Fuses in a UTS10BI

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  • I need to change some of the factory installed 15 amp fuses to 20 amp fuses in my recently installed UTS10BI.  I assume I need to power the UTS10BI down by flipping the circuit breaker off in the main panel that feeds circuits 9 & 10 in the UTS10BI.  That should power down the UTS10BI and allow me to safely remove the cover to the panel and swap out the fuses, correct?

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    By flipping circuits 9 & 10 you will remove power to that 240v circuit, as well as the User Interface. This will NOT, however remove power to the remaining circuits. I would recommend turning off each of the remaining circuits supplying power to the UTS or secure the main breaker to the Main Electrical panel. Once the fuse has been changed from 15a to 20a, the corresponding circuit will also have to be adjusted through the User Interface.

    Not knowing your qualifications, I will say that it is highly recommended you have only a Certified Electrician perform any changes in the Main Electrical panel or UTS panel for personal safety.

  • Thank you.  With regards to my qualifications, I am just Harry Homeowner.  I will have my electrician perform the changes as you recommend.  Thank you again.

  • I purchased the APC transfer switch in conjunction with a Honda EU6500is generator to address periodic power outages. In the 20 years we have been in the house, we never tripped a circuit breaker. Since having an electrician install this APC unit, we blow a 15 amp fuse (valued at $10.00 each) when using a hair dryer, vacuum, or other appliance requiring high surge watts. Despite the unit being turned off, power still cycles through it. I was going to replace the 15 amp fuses with 20 amp fuses to minimize the blown fuses, but was told it could cause a fire. Has anyone else replaced the 15 with 20 amp fuses and had any issues?  Thanks for your assistance.

  • Hi Brian, I also have the UTS10BI installed. Sorry to hear that you're tripping fuses inexplicably. I exchanged my 15 amp fuses in my UTS to a 20 amp fuse only if the the corresponding fuse in my main panel was a 20 amp fuse. Circuits in my main panel that was a 15 amp fuse was left a 15 amp in my UTS. I think the potential to create a hazard by increasing the amps without rewiring (expensive undertaking) is a reasonable concern. Personally I had to purchase 4 additional 20 amp fuses at $7.00 each to match what I had in my main panel. I had a electrician install my UTS10BI in June 2015 and it has performed without incident. I think that I read somewhere on this forum that the APC UTS does not work well with GFCI circuits. May I suggest that you verify that's not part of your problem and that you recheck your loads amps and watts on all of your circuits. Good luck Brian.

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