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UTS6 using only 120v

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Scott , 2/3/2021 6:11 PM
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UTS6 using only 120v

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  • Good morning, I've searched this forum and called tech support and they are telling me i can split my 1 leg of 120v power from my L5-30amp plug on my generator and provide 120v to each side of the 6 circuits on the UTS6 and power all 6 circuits with no issue. They however don't sound very confident. Can anyone confirm they've done this? I am using the Predator 3500 120v generator. Thank you

  • i have installed two of these UTS6. Easy to do & worked as suppose too. The only thing i didnt like was that the flexible metal conduit (greenfield) containing the connection wires to your panel is undersized and should have been 3/4". has some good features that you set and can walk away from such as: load managment-great feature, load source (gen,ups,other) selection, delay settings, and also found out if you turn a circuit off at your panel under utility power that is tied to the UTS, the UTS will not turn power back on to the circuit until you acknowledge a reset on the UTS for that circuit(good feature in case of over-current breaker trip). you must also make sure you set the proper circuit amperage (15a or 20a) for each circuit connected. overall, good product, would buy again.
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  • Thank you for your response. May I ask if you are running your UTS6 units off of a 120v generator connection. If so, how did you decide to splice the two feeds on the UTS6 together. I have an idea but I'm curious if you may have a better one.

    Thank you again

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