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S15 cannot be serviced or repaired??

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Sam , 8/22/2014 1:57 PM
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Posted in: General

S15 cannot be serviced or repaired??

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  • spiderv6

    I have an S15 that has developed a fault "invertor overload". It has been performing without issue, with no changes to the load before this happened.

    Tech support tell me the only thing I can do is throw it away and buy a new one. They recommended i talk to coast tec who told me they are not able to service that model.

    So really?  My unit is junk?  Unrepairable?

  • wpasquil


    Unfortunately Schneider Electric does not offer repair services. If Coastal Business Machines does not offer repair service then yes the unit should be replaced.

  • spiderv6

    There are no serviceable parts inside this unit??

    After a few years I have a $1,300 brick and the best solution is to spend another $1,300??

  • ipicKedawinna

    Someone might be able to repair it locally that is just not technically "authorized."

    How old is your unit and the battery? The unit may show inverter overload for a weak or dead battery. Unfortunately, it could also be a unit failure as someone already commented. If you have not replaced the battery since you purchased it, I would recommend you try that with the hopes you could return the battery if it does not fix it.

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