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What product ranges allow shutdown of multiple devices?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by S , 2/5/2014 4:03 PM
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What product ranges allow shutdown of multiple devices?

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  • newapcuser

    I have a personal (linux based) computer (with USB and ethernet), a separate networked NAS device (with Ethernet only) and also a router.

    Can Back-UPS support the shutdown of both the computer and also the NAS device? I hear Smart UPS might be the option but am unsure.

    How would the APC UPS device communicate to both, what is its method/route to signal to each?

  • wpasquil


    What version of Linux?

  • newapcuser

    Hello Bill!

    Thanks for responding!

    I have a personal computer that is used as a media centre running Ubuntu 12.04 and a Buffalo LinkStation Quad NAS that (supposedly listed in Buffalo's documentation) supports APC Smart-UPS and Back-UPS.

    User manual of the Buffalo can be downloaded here:  http://www.buffalo-technology.com/en/support/downloads/?subaction=download-archive&no_cache=1. UPS Settings page is on page 75.

    Hope that helps

  • ipicKedawinna

    As far as I know, with a Back UPS it has to be a one to one ratio via USB and you'd have to do some type of scripting to get the second item to shutdown gracefully if it was possible, like have your PC send a command to the NAS, for example. apcupsd might be an option too since you're on Linux.

    With a Smart UPS (SMT/SMX), they have USB or serial communication options and you can use them independently and together. It is not designed for that, but it can be done and the communication bus should handle it. apcupsd may work there too to shut the computer down and then the NAS likely has some built in support for UPSs.

    In the computer realm, typically a Back UPS only works direct with one PC via USB and a Smart UPS would offer USB or serial options with PowerChute Business Edition or something like apcupsd. For multiple clients, we offer something called an interface expander (which a new one that works with modern Smart UPS is on its way to being released) and it provides two "simple" signaling DB-9 ports or even easier and more powerful, is a UPS Network Management Card installed in the UPS which can communicate with a (supported) operating system that would run PowerChute Network Shutdown.

    I am not sure what Bill had in mind but that is my two cents.

  • newapcuser

    Thats very informative thank you! Well explained!

    So I'm guessing that the APC doesn't support ethernet communication to send a message through a router to the devices? (Silly question I'm sure)

    I think I might look into sending a command to the NAS via the PC, sounds like the best route.

  • ipicKedawinna

    Unfortunately no, especially not Back UPS products. For Smart UPS, with a Network Management Card, it can send signals out an output relay or you'd have to use PowerChute Network Shutdown which can interpret information. Otherwise, anything else would have to be super custom.

  • wpasquil


    Since PowerChute Personal Edition and PowerChute Business Edition do not officially support Ubuntu I suggest using either Smart-UPS with NMC and PowerChute Network Shutdown V3.1 or APCUPSD. APCUPSD will work with both Back-UPS and Smart-UPS utilizing serial or USB comm to the UPS. Either option will allow you to script the power down of the NAS over the network.

    Hope this info help.

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