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UTS10BI remote start and generator compatibility?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by CarsonGrey , 5/22/2020 1:11 PM
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UTS10BI remote start and generator compatibility?

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  • I'm interested in a two-generator backup solution using the 10-circuit UTS10BI. I already own a Honda EU2000i that I'd like to use as the backup2 source (so I can power some subset of circuits 2-8 using less fuel while backup1 is not operating). I'd like to install an automatic standby generator (Generac Guardian 8kw or similar) to automatically power up all 10 circuits when there's a power outage, but with the option to shut it off and start my Honda generator during extended outages to conserve fuel. So for short outages, I'd have the equivalent of a standard automatic transfer switch (but with load shedding so I can power more circuits with a smaller genset), but for longer outages I'd be able to run a much smaller generator to power several circuits through the same switch (which wouldn't be possible with any other transfer switch that I'm aware of).

    What is not clear to me is what generators would be compatible with this setup -- particularly as regards automatic transfer/startup, as I thought I saw some threads that indicated that the auto startup kit was never actually released. Does this mean that, as of today, automatic startup of a standby generator is not supported with the UTS10BI? If that's true, are there any alternatives? The other "load shedding" options I've seen from Generac and others seem to only shed large 240V loads (i.e. air conditioners, etc), but won't support the per-circuit load shedding that the APC UTS series will support.

    Any insight here would be appreciated. Thanks, Scott

  • I have researched the auto start/stop feature and found that the Honda eu7000is & the Honda em5000sx has the auto start/stop feature built in I will attach the wiring instructions, also the Honda eu7000is is expensive 4,500 plus tax I bought mine used from United rentals for 2,600 out the door with 500 hrs on it there were several for sale at that price hours on them didn't surpass 700 they also service them every 150 hours 



  • It can't be done with the generators you mentioned the generac 8kw is 50 amp the UTC-10 accepts 30 amp and below generators also you can't run a generator through backup source 2 someone tried it and the posted the results in the forum 

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