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UTS6H Hardwire Kit question

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Jeffrey , 11/8/2019 6:27 PM
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UTS6H Hardwire Kit question

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  • I recently installed a UTS6H in my house. I discovered that I cannot run a generator feed into the UPS inlet and still have 6 circuits available. I contacted tech support and they told me to get the Hardwire Kit. 

    Done. Got the Hardwire Kit. The kit's instructions show the removal of a circular inlet plug on the front of the unit in order to facilitate the Hardwire KIt, but my UTS6H has no circular plug on the front.

    Any suggestions?


  • The UPS inlet was NOT intended to be used as the generator input to the UTS. Because the UPS inlet is only rated at 15A, it would not provide enough power to distribute to all 6 UTS load circuits and as you have learned, circuit 1 does not receive power from the UPS inlet. Older versions of the UTS had a front panel generator plug which would be disconnected and removed when the hardwire kit was installed. If there is an opening on your front panel where the circular generator plug was formerly installed, install the "close-off plate" included with the kit, and follow the remaining instructions. When a generator is connected to the UTS using the hardwire kit up to 30A at 120 volts can be distributed to all 6 circuits in the UTS6H.

    I hope this helps!

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