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UTS6H: How To Deal With Problem Startup Load?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Peter , 12/17/2012 3:49 PM
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Posted in: General

UTS6H: How To Deal With Problem Startup Load?

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  • UTS6H, Honda EU2000.


    1 = Furnace Blower
    2 = Garage Refrigerator & Garage Freezer
    3 = Kitchen (including Old Refrigerator) and media center
    4 = LAN Closet
    5 = Rec Room PC Workstation
    6 = Assorted small rooms

    FWIW, all circuits except #3 are set to "Delayable = True".

    We can live without any circuit, although 4 & 5 are backed up by UPS' that will run dry eventually.

    The problem is circuit #3 with the old refrigerator.

    That fridge is pulling a huge startup load - like 1,700+ watts. Once it's running, no problem... maybe 130-150 watts, but the startup is a problem.

    Current workaround:
    - Increase system's generator capacity from 1,600 to 1,950.
    - Before cutting over to generator, manually turn off all breakers except for circuit #3
    - Cut over to generatror
    - The problem refrigerator starts up, momentarily drawing maybe 1,700 watts, and then drops back to 130-150.
    - Manually turn on the remaining 5 breakers.

    So far, so good, but eventually the kitchen refrigerator is going to turn itself off and, at some later time, need to turn itself back on.

    At this point I have a problem because the UTS6H is sensing the overload condition and cutting off that circuit (#3).

    Can somebody suggest some circuit settings to get around this?

    Edit 2012 12-28 1121:_

    Finally got through that heinous voice menu and talked to support.

    For those similarly afflicted, the magic number is 800-800-4272 +5 +7 +4.

    First support guy advised changing "Always On" to "Yes".

    Oops... there's not such circuit property.

    Second call, revealed that the property name is actually "Delayable" and, for the problem circuit, we want "Delayable = No".

    Caveat: This has not been tested yet..... Will edit the post once it is.

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  • Finally got around to testing it.

    Delay = No seems to work.

    I have the problem circuit set to Delay = No and the other five set to Delay = Yes.

    When that old refrigerator comes on and pulls it's momentary startup load, the other five circuits get shed while the 'fridge starts up and then they come back online.

    I even tried it with a rather large microwave on that circuit. Microwave comes on, remaining 5 circuits get shed..... except, in the case of the microwave, I had to kick the gennie capacity up to 1,950 from 1,600 watts.

    FWIW, here are my current settings: http://tinyurl.com/aaj3an8

    I have Max Off = 5 for the 3 circuits that have UPS' serving equipment on them - in hopes of not draining the UPS'. Hopefully, when that old refrig's startup hits the problem circuit (#3), the UTS will only shed the other circuits for some minimal time since the startup surge is only for a second or do.

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  • Hi Peter, sorry to bump an old thread but I am curious how this is working out for you?  I have a similar problem to solve with multiple problem devices (significant inrush).


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