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Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by michael , 4/29/2018 3:11 PM
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  • I have a newly installed UTS10BI and aside from testing it has not been used.  a few weeks after installing (by a licensed electrician) i went to swap out a GFCI outlet on one of the circuits the UTC is connected to.  I initially connected the wires to the wrong contacts - i should be sure to have my reading glasses on when i do this stuff! - and seemingly as a result the UTC is now flashing all lights and shows the above message.  i have since corrected the error (outlet works fine) and it continues to show this message and lights continue to flash. i cannot believe a small error like that did some sort of damage to the unit since it didnt even set off the circuit breaker on the panel. i knew i had made an error because the reset button wouldn't engage on the outlet.

    any guidance would be appreciated.  i have not tried to turn off the main breaker but wonder if that is all it will take.

    thanks in advance for any help!

  • Hi Michael,

    I would suggest turning off the circuit breaker in your main panel that feeds the UTS circuits 9 / 10 for a few seconds. If you do NOT have a UPS connected to the "UPS Inlet" connector this will reset the UTS, which I believe monitors circuits 9 & 10 to detect the "Utility Phase Fault" that is being reported. If you do have a UPS connected, you may need to turn it off while the 9 / 10 circuit breaker is turned off to accomplish the reset.

    From your description of the incident that caused this problem I can't understand what really happened, or venture a guess as to why it caused the problem...

    Please post your progress in solving this problem.


  • disconnecting the UTS from the system didn't do a thing, nor did resetting the circuit.  i am going to reach out ot the electrician who installed it.  thanks anyway.

  • the utc went back to normal when i turned off hte main and turned it back on, simple solution!

    thanks, wayne

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