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LCD displaying just a line of blocks

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Mark , 4/24/2018 4:06 PM
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Posted in: General

LCD displaying just a line of blocks

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  • marked23

    I had my UTS6H installed yesterday and the LCD screen is not functioning.  The top row has blocks.  The bottom row is empty.  It actually seems like the top row is scrolling text really fast, but too fast to read any of it. 

    Is there a known remedy for this? 

  • wayne_i

    Hi Mark,

    My first thought would be to reset the UTS by turning off the circuit breakers feeding UTS circuits 5 & 6 in your main panel (and any UPS connected to the "UPS Inlet" connector on the UTS front panel) for a few seconds.

    If there is no change in the display, you should contact APC for replacement of what would seem to be a DOA unit.

    Please post your progress!


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