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UTS 10bi LCD Display digits starting to flicker

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Jim , 10/17/2017 9:19 PM
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UTS 10bi LCD Display digits starting to flicker

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  • Recently a couple of digits on the LCD display have started to intermittently flicker. It appears that the condition is related to the LCD display board.  Directing cooling air from a small external cpu fan to the display (with the clear protective cover removed) cools the display to approx 71 deg f and stops the flickering.  Without the fan, the display runs at about 80 deg f and flickering resumes.  The unit has been in service for 5 years without previous issues.  I have called into APC tech support, they indicated that the only replaceable parts are the fuses.   As an alternative to replacing the entire unit due to this flaw I would prefer to replace the LCD board which is simply socketed in.  I am reaching out as a last resort hoping to get some feedback or assistance on how to source a replacement.  Thank you

  • Mine have begun doing the exact same thing. Same model but less total time in use (about 2 years)

  • It will be interesting if any others see this issue.   I have permanently mounted a small cpu fan inside the cabinet aimed at the control boards, this has reduced the flickering, not sure if I want to order a replacement unit since it may happen again

  • I see similarities with what appear to be "industry standard" 20 character by 2 line LCD displays. Confirm the dimensions and voltages for displays you may find if you search suppliers such as Digikey against your UTS display characteristics. You may also need to provide the matching connector either by transferring the header from your unit or buying a new one.

  • Thanks for the input.   This DigiKey offering https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/newhaven-display-intl/NHD-0220DZ-FL-YBW/NHD-0220DZ-FL-YBW-ND/1701215    appears similar to the UTS display

  • I took the time to experiment with cooling the display module. With ours it was just like you describe: once our display was cooler the flickering diminished and then stopped.

  • Would you mind sharing more information on how you mounted and powered the cooling fan?

  • My panel is doing the same thing.  Noticed if I power it down it comes back on and is good for a while.  Going to try some freeze spray to see if I can find out what is causing this issue.  It behaves if I take the front panel off also.  If you all tap on it does it fix the issue, sometimes my unit comes back on and is good for a while.  Got to be a way to replace the display.  Nor sure if it is the display or the connections behind the LCD.  Going in, STBY.

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    I removed the display, looks like a bunch of oxidation on the connector.  Either flux or just steel pins coated with a thin layer of tin.  Bad design for this application.  Going to reflow the solder on the connector on the display and use some Deoxit on the connector and pins.  Might be a simple fix after all.  See this in Marine Electronics all the time.

  • Used Deoxit on the pins, the flicker is still there but only 2 segments now.  Been on for 24 hours or so.  APC must have a service center somewhere that one can contact direct.  I will bet if we can get the phone number and call them direct one could get a new display.  I looked up all the numbers on the back of the unit.  Could find nothing on it.  Not sure about just trying a 2 line display without both schematics of each.  The header is a standard header, that is not the issue.  If that unit is still in production the display has to be available.

  • I can't help you with the actual issue but of course we have as support line, the number is printed on our website:



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