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Smart UPS vs Back-UPS difference?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Arun , 10/9/2011 6:53 AM
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Posted in: General

Smart UPS vs Back-UPS difference?

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  • crisscross

    I am trying to decide between



    The Smart UPS waveform says "Sinewave"
    and the Back UPS waveform says Stepped approximation to a sinewave

    what would be the difference between the two and the uses and application?

    Thank you!

  • Wwallender
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    I Recommend Double Conversions Too And Also The BR1500 Does Not Have AVR

  • crisscross

    Thanks guys. The double conversion is prohibitively expensive so I decided to go with the SUA 1000UXI. That being said I did have one question. All the plugs on the UPS are http://www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=SUA1000UXI&total_watts=50&tab=models

    IEC 320 C13. How can I connect my laptop/modem etc to this?

  • ipicKedawinna

    what type of connections do they have?

  • Wwallender

    Are You Looking For This??


  • cantrell

    A requisite tools Smart UPS vs Back-UPS difference? beneath a cleaned fur. The derogatory witch bobs near a creature. A sold clinic exposes the link beside the stationary electronics. When will the viewpoint relay a penny cry?


  • Wwallender

    So Smart Upses Typically Last Log 5-15 Years ( Well I've Seen Them Last That Long I Have An 11 Year Old Smart Ups 3000)

    Well Back-Ups Tend To Last 3-5 Years At The Most

    Smart Upses Put Out A Pure Sine Wave Witch Is Better For All Electronics And You Can Run Motors Of Them While A Back Ups Will Fry A Motor Over a Period Of Time

    So I Think A Smart-UPS Is Well Worth The Money ( BTW The Smart Ups You Selected Doesn't Come With A Battery

  • ipicKedawinna
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    Smart UPS - [pure sine wave output|http://nam-en.apc.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1356/], some models support add on battery packs, ALL outlets are battery backup/surge protection, available SmartSlot for add on accessories, powerchute business edition via USB or serial and included benefits, TVSS ground screw, optional EPO, automatic voltage regulation

    Back UPS - step approximated sine wave, only a few older models support add on battery packs for more runtime, some outlets are battery back up and surge and some are surge protection only, no ability to add accessories like a network management card, uses powerchute personal edition only via USB, data line protection, no EPO, only some models have AVR

    basically, a Smart UPS is a network and server class UPS that is more beefier and can handle larger loads. Back UPS is more of a consumer type device for smaller computer type loads.

    lastly, some units also offer different topologies within each family -> http://nam-en.apc.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/727

  • crisscross

    Thanks Wallbender. Yes, I plan to buy the battery pack separately for the Smart UPS. I had one more question. I see two different Smart UPS choices:




    The first is online and the second seems to be Line-Interactive? Which one is better? The first one is only rated for 700 watts but the second (line-interactive) is rated for 800.

  • ipicKedawinna

    if you look at the link i provided just a few minutes ago, look at line interactive versus double online conversion. SRC is an online UPS with no transfer time to battery and some other benefits. this is good for more sensitive loads. there is also automatic bypass usually too. SUA is good for your normal computer type load and has a short 2-4ms transfer time to battery.

    these are different UPS topologies though explained in one of my links.

  • crisscross

    Thanks a ton that link was very helpful. I do have one last question though. I am upgrading from http://www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=BR1500%2DIN&total_watts=200

    and the main reason why I am upgrading is because I face constant brownouts and whenever that happens my current Back-UPS switches to battery. This has ensured that battery life has dropped significantly and I end up replacing the battery every two years. I wanted to upgrade to a UPS that has a wider voltage range and also manages batteries more efficiently.

    Which of the Smart-UPS would fit that need better?

  • ipicKedawinna

    an online UPS is better at accepting a wider voltage range and dealing with crappier power. it has no sensitivity settings either as of a result of this since it is predetermined.

    an SUA has the automatic voltage regulation but so does the BR1500 I think. it sounds like based on constant brownouts, you'd have a better chance of lengthening battery life with the SRC model that uses a double online conversion type. the inverter (DC to AC conversion) is always online and re-creates the sinewave output.

  • Shalmaneser

    I have an APC Back-UPS 750 (BE750BB) that died this week dated August, 2004. I have no explaination for why it lasted this long. The systems (it lasted far longer than any one computer through obsolencence) were generally 200 watts than the UPS's rating. I rarely lost power long enough to fully discharge it. This time the cats were playing and dislodged the wall plug (no confessions) which killed the battery. Advice from APC is to replace the unit entirely. 

  • Terry_Kennedy
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    I'd agree with the suggestion to replace it. You might get another few years out of it if you replace the batteries, but it has given you 10+ years of good service. If you buy replacement batteries and that doesn't fix the problem, then you have a spare battery and a bad UPS, which is one of the reasons to consider replacement. Replacement also allows you to up/downsize as needed, as well as consider additional features if desired (like the network management card for Smart-UPS models).

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