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4 battery wiring on new batterys??

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by mike , 5/6/2009 3:49 PM
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4 battery wiring on new batterys??

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  • We just purchased 4 12v 7.5ah batterys to replace in an APC backup unit. The old batterys were taken out a few weeks ago and we did not document the connections. Does anybody have a diagram on how to wire the 4 batterys together, there are two jumpers, 2 positive connections and 2 negative.

  • if they are truly APC batteries, you should not have to wire anything.

  • Hi Mike,

    APC does not support the use of none APC batteries in our UPS. One major reason being we will not have tested those batteries in our system and can not predict how those batteries will react with our chargers. if those batteries can not take our chargers then they could heat up, swell, and leak.

    The only recommendation we can make is to return the other batteries you purchased and get an APC RBC for your unit. Our RBC's will come prewired so you just have to install them.

  • These are NOT third party batteries, they are APC batteries we have ordered, but they are not pre-wired like the batteries you have shown me. If you cannot help with a simple wiring diagram, I will just have to continue searching elsewhere for answers, thank you for wasting my time and being absolutely NO help at all.

  • Wondering why you would assume these are Non-APC batteries and why you refuse to provide a 4 battery wiring diagram for your product?

  • Not only that, but I'm not asking you to support batteries, but the APC Unit itself. Is this how your company supports its products?

  • Hi Mike,

    From the link you provided it looks like you have a SUA1000RM2U, is this correct? If I'm wrong then please provide the model number of the UPS you have. The model number will be located on the white sticker on the back of the UPS. If you do have a SUA1000RM2U then here is here is a link to the APC battery pack for that unit: http://www.apc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=RBC23. The RBC23 for that unit comes already wired and ready to connect. It looks like what was ordered was the 4 individual batteries, is this also correct?

    APC can not support the use of other batteries in the UPS. The UPS is designed/tested to charge and monitor a specific type of battery. Results with third party batteries can never be guaranteed, and may often vary. Third party batteries can end up going bad, swelling prematurely and leaking, while an official APC RBC should last years.. Since it is not supported all wiring diagrams are kept proprietary and would not be able to be distributed. If I'm wrong on the model of the UPS and of the battery pack needed/purchased then I can take another look and see what is available for what is needed after I get the information requested above.

    Thank you.

  • Is this "Truly" an APC battery? Is it prewired


    Are any of these batteries listed on the apc website "TRULY" apc batteries? Are they pre-wired?


    How about this one on newegg, is this "Truly" an APC battery??? Is it pre-wired?


  • all of the batteries you posted do not have wiring that go along with them like the batteries you are looking at for your particular UPS. they only wire into the leads that attach to that particular UPS. so, no, they arent prewired because there is no fuse or need for them to be wired in series. they just connect directly to the UPS leads/wires/connectors that should be attached to the UPS you are putting them in. not all UPSs require multiple batteries wired in series. some are just single battery applications.

    is this truly an APC battery?


    Yes, and as you can see, includes the batteries already correctly wired with all appropriate connectors, etc in the battery tray as shown in the picture. :-)

  • Yes, that is what I am trying to find out, how to attach the leads to the batteries. I dont understand the difficulty here. Is Powerman an APC support person, and if so, does he not realize that all batteries do not come pre-wired and DO need to be attached to the leads in some fashion? I hope I never have a real APC support issue if this is the caliber of support I can expect.

  • Hi Mike,

    Can you pleas provide the model number for your UPS? With out there there is no way of telling how it should be wired without this information since it varies between models.

    Also, can you please provide me with exactly what was ordered and from where?

    Thank you.

  • i know you probably wont like my response but:

    i think we are talking about two different leads. you are talking about the the leads on the batteries themselves (as shown in the picture "battery leads" in my attachment as an example) that like you said are wired in series to another battery cell. some of our smaller UPSs have leads (versus an andersen type connector) inside of the UPS that connect to the batteries that you slide onto the connectors, like on the RBC17 (see my attachment "connection leads"). the RBC24 that i posted prior contains "leads" (like in my "battery leads" picture) wired in series on the tray itself and then you can see the single andersen type connector that connects the entire battery tray to the UPS.

    so here is the part you wont like..

    APC recommends buying a genuine RBC because it comes with all the leads wired in series for the four or however many battery cells and includes the connector to connect the batteries to the UPS. the batteries you posted seem to be missing the wiring and andersen type connector - which is why you are requesting the wiring diagram so you can do it yourself. One of main benefits of buying an APC RBC is not having to deal with that aspect of it. Thus: 1.) you shouldnt have to do this if you buy a genuine APC RBC battery that contains all wiring, and 2.) if you choose not to buy a battery that is prewired and want the diagram, APC chooses not to distribute that type of information - i imagine to avoid encouraging customers to do this and possibly hurt themselves or even wire them incorrectly and thus damage the UPS if you wire them in series incorrectly and this provide too high a voltage to the UPS DC bus. so if you buy an APC battery, you should be able to just plug one single connector in and be all set.

    i hope this makes sense even though i am sure you wont be happy with the solution..

  • OH and if for some reason, you bought a genuine RBC and the wiring is not there for some reason, which i have never seen, as long as you provide a proof of purchase and the model and serial number of the battery, APC will replace it versus having you wire it yourself.

  • The UPS is a Rack mount Smart UPS 1400, It has only the leads coming out of the unit that connect to the battery terminals, there are 2 red leads and two black leads and two jumpers each with two leads, I dont know where they were ordered as another department did the ordering.

    We have another identical unit, I was able to look at as a reference. The two red leads connect to the first two batterys positve terminals, the two black leads connect to the second two batterys negative terminals and the two jumpers connect the postive and the negative of the first and third batterys and the third and fouth. Ipickedawinna, thx for the help.

  • no problem. let me know if you need anything else.

  • APC will probably remove this, but here is a crude diagram of the way you wire 4 batteries.

  • i am not going to remove it but please be advised that APC sells batteries all prewired (so you dont have to go through and do this yourself) and does not support the use of third party batteries in the UPS. it will void any warranty that you have on the UPS.

    if the unit is out of warranty, then i am sure you will proceed accordingly but please be advised of the risk of doing this yourself if you are unexperienced with this type of thing.

  • Mike, I emailed you , please check your spam box!

  • Mike are the top 2 blackwire output to plug and redwire output to plug? Other wise if the red wires are just a jumper your going to break your UPS because you can't wire batteries that way.

    APC tech support guys. I think what this user has been saying is that he bought his own APC brand batteries and is replacing them himself. This is not an uncommon practice and can be done properly with the proper APC batteries with no issues. However it is easier to just replace the whole assembly.

    FYI next time pay attention to what you take apart.... :-)

  • upsguy, yes the red and black are output to plug,E

  • I found a better diagram and guide for the wiring of the batteries in this video, however the reset didn't work... Any ideas? My red light is still on and I'm hoping that it will reset during it's scheduled test?

    How To Replace Batteries on an APC 1400XL Rack Mount UPS - YouTube

  • Sorry, but the APC battery replacements are not pre-wired and only have terminals to connect the existing wires to.


  • I am curious, where does APC manufacturer their own batteries?? Just by putting an APC sticker on a battery doesn't mean it is manufactured by APC battery.....I have worked on these for years and never seen a battery manufactured by APC....

  • We don't manufacture the replacement batteries or the cells as you elude to. We just assemble them in the correct voltage/amp hour configurations with the required wiring for each APC RBC part number for the particular UPSs they go in.

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