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BIOPODX411 reader detects as a swipe reader in Omnipass

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Tim , 2/4/2009 5:41 PM
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Posted in: General

BIOPODX411 reader detects as a swipe reader in Omnipass

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  • tstaddon


    I have raised this as a support call but wondered if there is anyone out there who's seen the same thing.

    I have a few hundred BIOPODX411 panel readers in use and they haven't been an issue on older versions of Omnipass, but the latest Omnipass version (which I've downloaded as a trial to see if there's any benefit to upgrading) is doing some weird stuff with them.

    For example, it quite correctly scans fingers during the enrollment process, but when a user tries to authenticate the reader icon shows as a swipe reader and the reader doesn't respond.

    If I perform these exact steps, in order...

    1. Kill the client
    2. Relaunch it
    3. Log in with password
    4. Log off current user
    5. Log in again

    Then, on one attempt in ten, the graphic on the authentication window is different and the scanner does respond.

    I've attached a screen capture of the two dialogs (excuse the white space in the middle and the demoware graphic) and you can clearly see the graphics are different the second time round.

    Can anyone suggest the reason why this happens?


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  • tstaddon


    The driver is detecting it as an AES3500 reader but as far as I can tell it's an AES3400. Might this have any effect on it and if so what are the differences between the two chipsets?


  • ipicKedawinna

    hm okay cause I know APC only deals with version 5 beta for vista customers and we havent dealt with/support version 6. have you tried version 4 at all?

  • tstaddon

    The old versions which work are v5 and earlier.

    Omnipass 6 doesn't work properly unless I roll back the driver.

  • ipicKedawinna

    what version of omnipass are you using?

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