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J10BLK vs J35B vs BR1500G

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by insoc , 4/30/2014 6:39 AM
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J10BLK vs J35B vs BR1500G

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  • insoc

    Hello. I'm debating which UPS to get for my home theater that will mainly protect a Epson 5030 projector as I already have a APC H15 for my other equipment. All three APC solutions: 10BLK - J35B - BR1500G offer AVR which is a feature I always look.

    Two questions: 1) Is the BR1500G not advisable as been a PC oriented PC? 2) Both the J10BLK and the J35B are home theater oriented. I like the J35B best BUT what I really don't understand is why the J10BLK UPS Power Conditionter says in the specs  that gives protection for up to 3200 joules while both the J35B and the BR1500G specs "only" say 345 joules!! What gives? Any explanation? It seems getting the J10BLK is the obvious choice but I really don't know why APC let those big differences happens. Any insights or information? Thanks!

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