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Difference between Backup-UPS and Smart-UPS?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Gary , 2/21/2008 8:39 PM
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Posted in: General

Difference between Backup-UPS and Smart-UPS?

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  • I have a real simple questions for all of you in the know.

    What is the differnece between SmartUPS and the BackupUPS.

    This is probally answered someplace but for the live of me could not find it...

    Thanks a lot


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    The main difference between the BackUPS and SmartUPS is the UPS topology they are built on.
    BackUPS = standby
    SmartUPS (SUA units) = line interactive
    SmartUPS (SURT units) = double conversion online

    Please see the following kbase for a deeper discussion on this:

    For simplicity's sake SmartUPS are generally favorable (yet pricier) for the following reasons:
    - Faster transfer time to battery
    - AVR (automatic voltage regulation) - all SmartUPS have boost and trim features to enhance the quality of utility electric without switching to battery. Note: The BR and BX BackUPS lines also have this
    - Better reliability (hence smartups are aimed at server applications, while backups are aimed at workstation computing)
    - Higher compatibility w/ generator use
    - Ease of interpretation, configuration (all SmartUPS have several LED charts to indicate current status, load, battery charge etc.)

    Of course there could be a much more in depth discussion here, but I hope I started you in the right direction

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  • THank you for a response to my question. I have a smartUPS 1000 that has died (I have tried replaing the batteries and it does nothing) so I wanted to purchase new UPS and the backupUPS's are so much less expensive but after reading this, I am thinking that I should just bite the bullet and purchase new SmartUPS...

    Thanks again

  • Hi,
    are there any specific applications, I mean industrial applications where SmartUPS are used? Or what would be some server applications - as you specify - SmartUPS are used in the server applications?

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