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Self test puts computer in power save

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Haynes , 12/11/2014 11:10 PM
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Posted in: General

Self test puts computer in power save

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  • hcg

    I have an NS 1250, which while several years old, was working fine even after I upgraded to W 7. Then a few months back, with a power interruption it would go into power save and I would have restart as a resume. Same with self-test.

    Battery life was indicated as good, but since the batteries were older than three, I bought new replacements. Same problem: self-test leads to shut down and need to resume.

    Any suggestions?

  • hcg


    I uninstalled the Powerchute program, with difficulty, and reinstalled version 2. Same problem: run self-test and it puts machine into power save.

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