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Is it possible to use a single eu2000i with uts10bi switch?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Jason , 11/17/2013 11:43 AM
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Posted in: General

Is it possible to use a single eu2000i with uts10bi switch?

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  • vaskier

    I don't want to put words into GWN's mouth, but I suspect that he finds the uts10bi appealing since it has 8 120v circuits instead of the 6 on the uts6h.  Even with circuit1 unavailable when using the backup2 source the 10bi has more 120v circuits than the 6h.  I am wondering if the Honda EU2000i could be plugged into the backup 1 source.  The EU2000i only has L5 outlets, but could a cord be made with a L14-30 plug where the 2 hot leads are wired together via a jumper so that all 120v circuits in the uts10bi would be usable?

  • wayne_i

    Ah, Yes, if GWN was working from the baseline of a UTS6H with a 120v Backup 1 input and all 6 120v outputs, then the UTS10BI would provide 1 additional 120v output when using ONLY the Backup 2 input. Remember, none of the UTS6 models or the UTS10BI will activate output 1 when the only input source is Backup 2. While not significant when using the EU2000i (rated around 16A?), he would sacrifice the 30A rating of the UTS6H Backup 1 input for the 15A rating of the Backup 2 input on all models. For more outputs, the UTS10BI provides 8 120v outputs and a single 240v output when the Backup 1 input is connected to a 240v capable generator.

    Your suggestion of connecting the L1 and L2 inputs together into the Backup 1 input from the single "L1" of the EU2000i L5 outlet, while interesting and likely possible with most "dumb" transfer switches, will not work here because the monitoring circuitry within the UTS (either 6, 6BI or 10BI) will declare a Backup 1 input fault condition of 120v, or more likely 0v from L1 to L2 where it should measure 240v, and not source any outputs from Backup 1, even if the UTS can operate at all!

    Message was edited by: Wayne I

  • rhunter81005

    Yes I agree with Boatingtrb, you CAN use an EU2000 with the UTS10BI.  While it's true that the UTS10 wants 240V on the utility side, and it will not power up with a split 120V on backup 1, it WILL run with a UPS connected to backup 2.  You must use a UPS for this to work.  If the power goes out, UPS keeps the electronics hot.  I took a single phase 120V source, doubled the hot legs into the backup 1 input and the "generator" input was recognized.  Now, that being said if you do this, you best not try to power anything on the 240V circuit.  I decided on this UTS because it had 8 120V circuits available while the UTS6H only has 6.  I have to 240V devices in my house, so this works great for me.  In theory you can use circuits 9 and 10 as 120V as well if you want but only if the "generator" is running, not the UPS.  Just like Todd above, I wanted the ability to use a 220V generator later in life, and this was a great solution.


  • Boatingrtb

    I have done it with the UTS10BI & EU2000i using a pigtail to go from L5-30 (gen side) to L14-30 (UTS side) and it works just fine powering the UTS panel and circuits 1 through 8 on backup1.

    Works fine & still gives me the option to plug in a 220v gen because the pigtail combines the 2 hot leads.


    ps I have circuits 9 & 10 wired for the kitchen disposal & the cloths washer (9 & 10 respectively) and they work just fine when I plug in a 220v generator.  So, with the EU2000i, I lose use of the disposal & cloths washer.

  • greatwhitenorth

    Is it possible to use a single eu2000i with uts10bi switch? I was thinking I could run it through "backup 2", in place of a UPS.  I wanted the option of more circuits and to be able to use either the Honda or my larger GP5500 120/240.  Thanks in advance!

  • wayne_i

    Certainly you could use a small 120 volt generator for the source to the "backup 2" input, but keep in mind that the backup 2 input is limited to 15 amps total load, and you will only be able to power circuits 2 through 8 from the backup 2 input. By design, the expected source for the backup 2 input is a UPS sourced from the front panel convenience outlet (connected to circuit 1) and powered under "normal" conditions by utility power input, or the backup 1 source, so it will not provide power to itself (the assumed UPS input). Also, because backup 2 is 120 volt only, circuits 9 and 10 will not be activated because they are used together as a 240 volt output circuit.

    I don't understand what you mean by "the option of more circuits", can you clarify?

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