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UTS10BI - Purpose of UPS

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Van , 4/15/2014 1:52 PM
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UTS10BI - Purpose of UPS

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  • poppv

    Hello -

    My UTS10BI is all hook uped.  I understand selecting a non interruptable circuit - having the UPS for a secondary backup to the generator.  However - before I spend $500+ on a UPS - I am searching for the answer to to the following question.

    If I DO NOT have a UPS - and my power goes out - will my UTS10BI loose all of its circuit settings - because there is no power to it (until I hoop up the generator)???


  • ipicKedawinna

    The settings would be saved in the UTS so you won't have to reset it all the time. I guess the EEPROM settings are actually backed up by capacitors (which if the UTS is left in storage for years, well they might dry out). The UPS was actually introduced originally when we were going to provide auto-start function of the generator. So while the generator was starting, the UPS would back up the UTS or the circuit you wanted as uninterruptable. We never offered the auto-start though because of changes in compliance and local standards preventing this type of thing I think. I think Honda might with the UTS6H though.

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