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APC Smart-ups 1500 LEDs blinking simultaneously

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by yong , 12/16/2008 1:29 AM
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Posted in: General

APC Smart-ups 1500 LEDs blinking simultaneously

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    unfortunately, those 6 LEDs flashing in unison indicate an internal fault with one of the AVR relays and would need to be replaced.

  • My APC Smart-ups 1500 , the six LEDs as below

    AVR Trim,ON Line,AVR Boost,Overload,On Battery and Replace Battery are blinking simultaneously.

    What could be the problem on this ups ?


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    Hello I have a smart ups apc ups 3000XL 4 batteries to replace, but to cut the electrical supply the full charge indicator LEDs very quickly down to minimum, and occasionally blink led the two center columns. -

    Would appreciate can help



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    Hi Andrexyx!

    I have the same problem with an APC Smart 1500I. All 6 led's are blinking simultaneous after I change the batteries. How you solve the issue?

    I'm from Bucharest too!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Great ! One more device with the same problem ! ... now here in Brazil ! ... lol, fortunately I have a good backup working to support this one.

    So , any news about this failure ? Pictures of the device to be replaced ?

    Thanks !

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    I have the same problems with apc and all led blinking.
    I have see that there's 4 relays but I don't know what of this are lynked to AVR

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    You are absolutely correct ,just know I found one of the 24Vdc relay internally faulty.
    I have already replaced to a good one now the unit is running at normal operation.
    Thus many many thanks for help!!!!!

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    Dear wkyong
    I happen to have the exact same problem you had. Could you please help with a picture and/or replacement part number for the faulty relay. I am in Nigeria and there is no big APC presence and my beloved UPS is out of warranty. Also - what effect will the faulty relay have on operations? Is it that the UPS powers down whenever the input voltage goes out of spec?

    Thanks and best regards,


  • Having the same issue. Is there any way you could explain where exactly this voltage regulator is located?


  • unfortunately, we cannot. i personally don't even know where it is but these units are technically not user serviceable, only by Coastal Business Machines, an APC service partner. also, APC schematics are proprietary.

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    Good morning, It's the same with a smart-ups (usa1500rmi 2u) I have it from a friend who gave it to your employer as being spoiled. I bought batteries and !!!!!............ Plugged it in, and LEDs remain off. Pulse test button and all 6 LEDs blink a few times all at the same time with the right of the battery. Nor passes power to peripherals (computer). Bone current output is dead. I wanted to ask what is the solution and if it is to take it to the service, tell me where I find one in Bucharest Romania. I hope some admin a pm. Thanks in advance.

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  • unfortunately, a battery does not always fix every issue with a UPS.

    i am based on North America so I do not know of any service centers in Romania personally but if you want, you can use the http://www.apc.com/support/contact/index.cfm page and change your country and ask technical support in that region for any service centers or whatever else you may need.

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    Hi, i have similar problem, in my 1500 blink only 2 center superior led and 2 center inferior led, battery led blink only the apc is connected on line (not blink connect on battery), and on line led blink only the apc is not connect on line (not blink connect on battery)....

    please help me!!!

  • hwer i the relay and what is the number on board plessssss

  • Hi All. I also got this problem to my APC SUA 1500 ICH(CHINA 220V version) that all LEDs blinking when I tried to turn it on, meanwhile battery mode (remove the plug out of the utility power) works very well.
    I just found a topic (not in English but able to be translated). I just placed an order (relays), now need to wait for them. I will update this if there is any good result. 
    If your UPS is too old already, You should replace all the relays, especially the AVR relays (RY1 and RY2) because they have been working too many times, for 10 incredible years,
    Hope this helps



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    has it got fixed?

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