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Transfer switch UTS10BI use on arc fault breakers for lighting?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Gene , 1/6/2014 7:43 PM
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Transfer switch UTS10BI use on arc fault breakers for lighting?

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  • geneh

    Electrician had the following comment regarding the UTS10BI: We ran into a problem with the transfer panel.  The panel only has 2 neutral conductors feeding the relay system.  This will not allow us to install the new arc fault breakers for lighting circuits adopted by the state of Oregon. Basically the three lighting circuits that were going to feed the lighting in the kitchen, living and garage will not be able to be installed on this particular panel. The panel is set up with 2 neutrals feeding the relays and will not allow for the required load neutrals.  The panel would work fine prior to this code change, just not now.

    Is this a correct assessment or is the electrician missing something?


  • ipicKedawinna


    AFCI or GFCI breakers cannot be used with the Universal Transfer Switches (UTS) because the UTS shares a neutral for all the circuits within it and it will cause problems with those types of breakers.

    P.S. - I'll see about getting this question added to our UTS FAQ -> Universal Transfer Switch (UTS) – FAQ | FAQs | Schneider Electric US

  • geneh


    Thank you for the response.  As my state code requires AFCI for lighting circuits the UTS is, unfortunately, cannot be used for lighting. I could plug lamps into wall circuits connected to the transfer switch during a power outage to provide lighting but to me that's about the same as running extension cords from a generator and not having a transfer switch.  If this information about not using with AFCI breakers had been readily available (in the product spec sheet) I would not have purchased this product.  As at least 35 states now require AFCI use, for at least some circuits, I am surprised that this information is not included in the specs.  The only reference I could find is in the install manual that alludes to not using on AFCI breakers on page 2 where it states - • Use only outlet mounted AFCI and GFCI circuit interrupters with the UTS.


  • ipicKedawinna

    Thanks for your feedback. Let me see if I can get any additional feedback on your comments or at least indicate some updates are needed.

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