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What is a "single phase" UPS?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Shane , 11/15/2014 3:41 AM
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Posted in: General

What is a "single phase" UPS?

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  • Shane


    The Trade-UPS program allows me to trade in my old UPS for a new, "single phase" UPS. What is "single phase", exactly?

    The UPS is for a home office.



  • ipicKedawinna


    Single phase refers to the input power configuration of a UPS. Some are single phase, like most small, home use or consumer UPSs intended for use to power residential or small commercial stuff and then you have three phase power which is usually used for facility size units. You'll want a single phase UPS so the Trade-UPS program will work for you.

    Some additional info here-> Single-phase electric power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • eutex

     What is the power supply process in Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)?

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