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APC UPS 800VA (BE800-IND) or APC UPS Pro 1000 (BR1000G-IN)

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by aravind , 10/24/2014 4:55 AM
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APC UPS 800VA (BE800-IND) or APC UPS Pro 1000 (BR1000G-IN)

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  • arvapc123


    My name is Aravind. I live in Bangalore, India. I need your suggestion to decide on which UPS to buy.

    This is for home use. My requirement is to connect 2 laptops, 1 desktop PC (high end gaming machine), one gaming console and one LED TV. Currently I have APC UPS 500 to which I have connected all these devices using power cord extensions.

    The problem I am facing is that the main power supply of the house is getting tripped when I switch on all these devices and I feel its time to upgrade the UPS.

    I searched online and came across these two models - BE800-IND and BR1000G-IN. I am not able to decide which one I should buy. Please help me decide keeping my requirements in mind.



  • wpasquil


    Upgrading the UPS will not resolve the issue of the house circuit tripping. You need to decrease the load on that circuit. If the UPS circuit breaker is tripping then upgrading the UPS is the proper solution and I suggest purchasing the BR1000.

  • arvapc123

    Thanks for the reply Bill. I am just worried that connecting and running all my devices at one go with APC UPS 500 may cause some damage to the devices. Although I hardly run all those devices at once, at any given time either the laptops or the TV/Game Console will be in use. Have not seen any problem so far.

    The APC sales guys are pushing me to go for SUA 1000i or SUA 750i which I feel are way beyond for my requirement and they are very costly as well. So can I say here that BR1000 is sufficient?

  • wpasquil


    The BR1000G-IN offers 600 watts max. The SUA750i offers 500 watts max so the BR1000G-IN will sustain the load as well as the SUA750i. The one thing you should verify is if your systems work with step approximated sign wave. The Back-UPS family of UPS when on battery produce a step approximated sign wave and some computer power supplies and none computer equipment do not work well with the type of a sign wave.  With that in mind I assume that is way the sales rep suggested the Smart-UPS. Smart-UPS offer a pure sign wave while on battery so there could be an issue with the "high end gaming machine". If the system can handle step approximated sign wave then the BR1000G-IN is a good choice. If the power supply need pure sign wave then you should purchase the SUA.

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