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I'm new, Problem with APC 8750

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by thailobo , 10/15/2014 3:19 PM
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Posted in: General

I'm new, Problem with APC 8750

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  • thailobo

    I just bought a APC 8750.  I have never used linux or android. so how can I start with APC 8750 and What should I do to begin with it ?
    thanks so much !!!

  • ipicKedawinna

    Is this what you're talking about? http://apc.io/products/8750a/

    If so, you have the wrong company unfortunately smile We are APC by Schneider Electric and that website I provided seems to be about what you're referring to. I'd poke around their website to see where you can ask questions or if there is another community somewhere on the internet for this product.

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