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What modules does the RBC24 use?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Roger , 5/12/2014 4:36 PM
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What modules does the RBC24 use?

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  • suite103

    We want to replace aging batteries in our Smart UPS 1500 2U units. I know I could buy an RBC24, but I would rather switch out the four batteries instead. What model are they? They look like they could be RBC2, but I want to make sure.

  • ipicKedawinna


    This is not typically something we'd recommend or support, especially because of the re-wiring you'll need to do with the individual modules. Further reasoning - we don't recommend or support it to the average user as to not accept any liability if any of it is done incorrectly.

    If you wish to proceed at your own risk, RBC24 uses (4) of "BATTERY 12V 9AH" and I believe those are wired for a 48VDC system. When I check RBC2, it is a 12V 7AH or 7.2AH - so it is a different AH rating. From my research, it looks like (1) of these 12V 9AH batteries is a RBC17.

  • engrirfanm


    RBC24 uses 12V7AH quantity 4 wired to provide 48VDC. The brand can be CSB, Long or BB.
    As 12V7AH & 12V9AH are available in same size in the market hence one can also install 9AH battery, the only difference will be a slight increase in backup time.

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