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Slowly Exposing Circuits to my Generator

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Russ , 7/8/2017 3:31 AM
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Slowly Exposing Circuits to my Generator

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  • RussellB

    I'll be autostarting my generator from my APC UTS6H.  I've got the Euro 6 pin plug on order, the instructions from APC for the relays in the upper right corner of the UTS6H, and plus, my portable generator's already in a  shed outside connected to a GSCM-Mini: a device from Atkinson Electronics that can be configured to start a generator when the absence of utilty power is observed by it.

    The thing of it is that after the seemingly unchangeable 5 seconds of time the UTS6H takes to observe generator power, it transfers the generator's load to all 6 circuits and can stall the generator with too much demand for its power until it's had a chance to warm up a bit.

    What techniques can be used to, say, start one circuit at time on the UTS6H, and maybe, ideally, wait a minute or so before the first circuit kicks in?

    If the 5 seconds changeable short of maybe factory resetting of firmware?

    I have a mid size APC UPS connected (as it has to be) on circuit 1. I don't need for anything but power to the UTS6H between the utility going out, and the generator coming on line.

    The generator's a 3000 watt invertor with electric start.


    P.S. Autostart currently set to manual on UTS6H.

  • RussellB

    Information and techniques for getting the APC UTS line of switches to bring circuits on line from a generator, in a particular order, appears sparse at best.

    I solved the problem, which for me really was about all circuits demanding power from a cold generator, by

    1) keeping the APC UTS generator setting at manual (the default) rather than automatic (automatic is where two relays in the upper right hand corner of the circuit board can open or close to do things at the beginning and conclusion of a utility outage event like start a generator with auto start capabilities, or transfer a load, or at the end of an outage, break from a generator load or stop the generator.  This is supported in a separate manual from APC.


    2) upgrading from the GSCM-mini to the full GSCM where things like the time between when the generator starts, and when in transfers its load can be delayed to give the generator time enough to warm up so it doesn’t stall when the 6 circuits of my APC UTS get energized from it.

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