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Transfer switch info requested

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Allen , 6/19/2017 10:22 PM
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Transfer switch info requested

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  • I am interested in our purchasing a transfer switch to use with 2 Honda EU 2000i and companion unit connected with parcel cables.  What is the maximum size transfer switch that I can use with these generators?  I understand that the UTS6 only has 4 120 circuits available since 2 of them are for 240 use.  If I am not correct, please let me know. I would prefer to use the 10 circuit switch, which would only give me 8 circuits???


  • Hi Allen,

    Since the output of the Honda EU 2000I is 120 Volts only, the appropriate UTS model to use with a generator like this is the UTS6H which only requires 120 Volt input power from the generator. All other UTS models require 120/240 Volt generator connections to operate. The UTS6 has 6 120 Volt outputs, while the UTS6BI and UTS10BI allocate 2 of their outputs to provide 1 240 Volt output.

    There are two issues to consider-- 1) the UTS6H is rated at 30 Amps while your configuration of 2 paralleled EU2000I generators can deliver about 33 Amps, and 2) unfortunately, it appears APC has discontinued production of the UTS6H, however there may still be ways for you to buy one, maybe from a retailer with existing stock or a used unit from EBay or Craig's List.

  • It looks like the UTS 6H may be a good option;however, this unit is being discontinued, which is concerning.  Apparently, the UTS 6, which is only 20 amps is the replacement.  Additionally, I can not get a clear answer if this transfer switch can be used with GFCI outlets?  


  • Hi Allen,

    I'm not sure why Amazon has this unit listed as Discontinued, as I am unaware of APCs plan to do so. The UTS6 requires a 240vac input even though it only outputs 120vac circuits, so this panel would not be suitable for your configuration. The only solution for a 120vac Generator would be the UTS6H. Additionally, the UTS can be used with GFCI outlets, but can not be used with GFCI/AFCI circuit breakers.

    Secret Squirrel

  • Amazon (and other) seller misinformation aside, the APC website no longer provides any information on the UTS6H, strongly *suggesting* this particular model is no longer manufactured. I think the whole UTS product line would benefit from better documentation of features and operation, not only in third party marketing, but even by APC on their website and in the user manuals.

    Just my 2 cents worth!

  • The UTS6H is rated at 30 Amps while your configuration of 2 paralleled EU2000I generators can deliver about 33 Amps prepaidgiftbalance.com

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