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UTS10BI Remote Start

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Andy , 10/26/2016 10:05 PM
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UTS10BI Remote Start

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  • I read the info in the Auto Start Manual.  It seems to counterdict the way the start sequence works.

    What I need the unit to do is to close the stop relay and stay that way until the utility power returns

    then open again.  The start relay works like I need it to.  The first part of the Advanced Generator Start/Stop Configuration

    seems to imply this but the Example sequence of events gives a different sequence of operation.  What I need is the Stop Relay

    to stay in the NO state all the while the utility power is out and return to NC when power returns.  Program function, jumper setting ??

    So the STOP Relay would act like the key switch and the start relay would act like the push button start.  Made my own remote relay

    box for the EU7000IS generator it functions just like the control panel at the gen.

    Any ideas, has anyone used it this way ?



  • Hi Andy:

    Let's safely assume that not all you location's circuits will be backed up by the APC: a fair assumption.

    Go out and buy yourself a relay--you can typically get them in automotive stores, and the can usually be configured to be either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC).

    This is defined as the state they are in, in absence of an electrical circuit that keeps them in the opposite state.  So an energized relay that's normally closed when their is not power, is open when their is power.

    Configure your relay to be normally closed, and connect it to one of your circuits BEFORE the APC---in other words a circuit not backed up by the APC that goes dead when utility power does.

    This relay's contacts get connected to the same place the other end of your wires connected to pins 1, 2 and 3 in the APC''s Generator's Start/Stop Connector go.

    Let's walk through this.  Power goes out.  Your relay AND the APC pins 2 and 3 close. Your generator starts, but against your wishes pins 2 and 3 open and pins 1 and 2 close in the APC Generator Start/Stop connector.

    So what. Now you have the relay keeping the things at the other end of the cable connected to pins 1, 2, and 3 jumpered vis a vis the relay.

    Utility power is eventually restored, the relay opens. Viola!

    Also, in step 12 of the instructions can't you change the normally open and closed settings?  This might help.

  • Hi Andy, any luck getting this setup to work as you hoped to?
    Honda EU7000iS, APC UTS10BI, auto start/stop?

    I'm trying to finish my setup and noticed the same thing regarding the start stop relays. Basically the only solution I see is to have the Honda key in the ON position and the i-Monitor also ALWAYS ON, then I could get this setup to work with 3 wires...but I don't at all like the idea of the i-Monitor ALWAYS ON. I would much prefer it to ONLY come on when the utility power goes out. 

    If you have a working solution, I would be grateful if you shared details here for other UTS10BI and EU7000iS uses like me.

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