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Making the UTS6 work with the Honda eu2000i

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Richard , 10/4/2016 6:36 PM
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Posted in: General

Making the UTS6 work with the Honda eu2000i

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  • rgsherr

    I've read through all the posts but still looking for a clear answer.  I have a Honda eu2000i and I'd like to use an  APC  transfer switch.  The UTS6H evidently connects and works fine but it doesn't appear to be in production anymore and doesn't seem to be any longer available anywhere. I don't understand why APC has discontinued it since the Honda eu2000i is an extremely popular generator but that's another question.  What I need to know is can I make the UTS6 work with with the eu2000i?  If so how? Is all I have to do is connect the two hot legs and use the PL530L1430 from cordtec.com to make it work?

  • wayne_i

    Also see my response to your question at http://forums.apc.com/spaces/15/universal-transfer-switch/forums/general/7949/how-to-connect-a-honda-eu2000i-to-a-uts6

    Since the Honda EU2000I is rated at 13A, I would suggest that the easiest solution would be to connect the generator to the UPS inlet on the front of the UTS. You would need to set the outputs to use "UPS" for the "Source", and may need to change some other settings to get the best operation. This would result in no output from the UTS 240V output (circuits 5&6 on the UTS6BI and 9&10 on the UTS10BI) and circuit 1 (normally reserved for powering a UPS), but all other 120V outputs should function normally.

  • RussellB

    This suggestion is great with the caveat that future more powerful 120 volt generators will be limited by the 15amps the UPS inlet is rated to handle, correct?

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