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UTS6BI only 4 120v circuits?

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by HJ , 6/12/2016 10:31 PM
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Posted in: General

UTS6BI only 4 120v circuits?

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  • HjMiami

    I just bought a UTS6BI to use with my EU2000i but as I'm reading the manual it appears as if this ATS is only good for 4 120v circuits. Is this correct??

    I really hope there's a way around this cause I don't have any 240v circuits to power with my little Honda.

    Anybody have any info that I may not be aware of?

    I'd really like to use 6 120v circuits.

  • wayne_i

    Your "best" option would be to exchange the UTS6BI for a UTS6H. You are correct, the "BI" models provide 1 240v circuit using 2 UTS circuits, and the remaining circuits are 120v (4 for a UTS6BI, 8 for a UTS10BI). These units also expect the generator connection to provide 240v. The UTS6H is intended for a 120v generator input, and all 6 circuits are 120v.

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