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Regarding Circuits 5 and 6 in a UTS6H

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Jack , 3/26/2016 6:22 PM
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Regarding Circuits 5 and 6 in a UTS6H

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  • MadJack

    Page 10 of the Site Preparation and Installation Guide states:

    Note: UTS6/UTS6H - Utilizing all of the UTS circuits is not necessary. However, Circuits 5 and 6 must be connected to the building circuit panel and must receive power for the UTS to function. Circuits 5 and 6 must be connected to circuits that are in opposite phases so that 240 Vac is present across the circuits 5 and 6.

    However, the schematic diagram of the UTS’s hookup to the building’s electrical entrance panel as shown on page 13 appears to be in error, as it shows both circuit 5 and circuit 6 connected to the same phase, L2.

    I submit that this disagreement between the statement on page 10 and the violation of it in the schematic on page 13 might be the cause of some of the confusion regarding the hookup of the UTS6 and 6H.

    I have recently purchased a UTS6H to complement a pair of Honda eu2000i Companion generators which I purchased several years ago. This switch seems to be a fairly well kept secret, but looks to be a good solution to managing the power of these small to medium size generators, short of installing a whole house generator and transfer switch. If it is as reliable and works as well as the several APC Smart-UPS’s I have, I will be happy.

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