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"Refrigerator" Circuit on UTS6H powered by Honda EU2000i will not light

Discussion in Universal Transfer Switch started by Rudy , 9/1/2015 4:59 PM
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Posted in: General

"Refrigerator" Circuit on UTS6H powered by Honda EU2000i will not light

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  • Hi again,

    Had our first power outtage in Seattle after a nice long summer, and I found a small problem. My UTS6H powered by my Honda EU2000i will not power up my #3 Circuit, which is dedicated to my kitchen fridge, at all. Older image here. All 6 circuits are on standard settings; max power set to 1600 watts per instructions. As soon as I plugged in the generator, #3 lights, then goes dark. I waited over 30 minutes (Max time off), and still nothing. The overall load of the 6 circuits is very low usually, maybe 200 watts, but still nothing. The only workaround was to turn off load shedding (but that is the primary reason for having an APC UTS). But, the fear in that is that if the kitchen fridge, garage fridge (plugged in directly to the front of the ATS), and furnace blower kick on at once, something will trip. I even turned off the thermostat just to avoid the furnace blower causing any trouble.

    Maybe I need to use some custom setting? But, it's just a fridge, it should work out of the box.




  • Hi,

    Have you tried to turn off the delay for that circuit?

    This is from the user's guide

      Problem: While operating on backup power the UTS repeatedly drops some connected loads
      Cause: The circuit may be incorrectly configured as delayable.
    Use the Circuit Setup button to navigate to CKT DELAYABLE screen for the circuit affected. Disable the circuit delayable option, (select NO). This disables ALM for that circuit. Repeat this process for all circuits affected.

    Another possibility is the genorator power rating is set to low.

  • Thanks Bill. Though, I feel I shouldn't have to set a fridge to not delayable. A fridge only needs power once in a while; say for 5 minutes every 30 minutes. Those are the stock settings. I could set the delayable feature to "off" for the fridge, but I would rather not if it can be avoided. The power rating of the generator is only 2000 watts, recommended settings for the UTS are to set it at 1600 (recommended load for this generator vs. peak 2000 watts). But again, that's the whole point of the UTS, to load balance the power from the fridge to other circuits.

  • Any luck with getting it to work?



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